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Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Fair Foods

I got an awesome text message today: “Want to go to the fair tonight?” Um, yes.  Pierogies, fried Oreos, roast beef sandwiches, apple dumplin’s with freakin’ cinnamon ice cream. My stomach is already rumbling.

So this leads to today’s question(s) – What is your favorite fair food? Do you have a method of eating your way around the fair? Are there certain stands that you just cannot leave without stopping by?

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Not exactly a fair food, but I remember one year at Cedar Point some friends and I got an elephant ear covered in soft serve ice cream. There were five of us eating it, and we still didn’t finish it, but it was soooo good. I have very happy memories of that.

My absolute favorite is fried dough with butter and sugar, but I’ve only ever seen it in the Italian neighborhood where I grew up. Elephant ears are similar enough to do the job, and funnel cake works for me now that I live in the South. Basically, whatever configuration of fried sweet dough with butter and sugar I can get will work.

You should try churros, if you haven’t already. If you’ve never heard of them, they are basically tubes of crispy-fried dough. As I grew up in Miami, I prefer Cuban-style churros over the Mexican versions, but either are good. Used to be that you could only buy them from older, Cuban men at streetlights in certain parts of Miami. But now, they have stands in the malls.

Pure yumminess! When I moved from north to south, I thought they were a southern thing, but I’ve been informed that they are actually more of a New Orleans thing.  Lol, silly me.  Anyway, they are similiar to a sno-cone, but the ice is much finer and there are tons more flavors to choose from.  Lots of people top them sweetened condensed milk (OMG so good) or ice cream.

Here’s a picture of a nectar cream/pineapple snowball:

They have freshly baked scones at the Puyallup Fair in WA that are to die for! Served with butter and jam…oh man, I could easily eat a dozen in one sitting! Other than that, I really like funnel cakes, churros and elephant ears. Give me fried dough with cinnamon, sugar, or honey, and I am a happy camper! ;)

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