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Lunchtime Poll: Gimme Some Good News

We had a bit of a discussion in this past weekend’s open thread about a need for news that doesn’t make us want to crawl under the covers and stay there.

For today’s LTP, I want each of you to find me a link to a story that will help restore our collective faith in humanity.

P.S. We’ll be starting “News That Doesn’t Suck” as a regular feature in a couple of weeks. We’ll still talk about the difficult stuff, too, obviously, but I think we can spare some virtual column inches for good news, too. Even if we have to turn over a quarry’s worth of rocks to find it.

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Aww, there are good things going on!

-Augusta Golf Club does the right thing and finally admits female members…progress!

-Lobster prices are at an all-time low, so it’s a great time to enjoy some lobster if that’s your thing…

-Hilarious trend of “dog shaming” sweeps the internet:

-Proving that corporations aren’t all soulless, In-And-Out just dropped a beef supplier over allegations of animal cruelty

-Prince Harry’s new nudie pics from Vegas, for the perving pleasure of lovers of the male form.



How about the LCWR keeping it classy, and displaying ovaries of steel in the face of adversity.

A bit I particularly liked from Sr. Pat Farrell’s adress:

Many institutions, traditions, and structures seem to be withering. Why? I believe the philosophical underpinnings of the way we’ve organized reality no longer hold. The human family is not served by individualism, patriarchy, a scarcity mentality, or competition. The world is outgrowing the dualistic constructs of superior/inferior, win/lose, good/bad, and domination/submission. Breaking through in their place are equality, communion, collaboration, synchronicity, expansiveness, abundance, wholeness, mutuality, intuitive knowing, and love.

Or if you want to read the whole speech:

In my search for good news, I discovered Matt and Kim will be giving a free open to the public concert next month where my parents live…which is 1000 miles from me.  Bah!!

But what I was trying to find was an article discussing my alma mater’s sustainability efforts. They are doing some pretty awesome things right now.

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