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Lunchtime Poll: How Do You Compute?

As I write this, I’m sitting on the chaise end of my couch, legs out, with my laptop (on top of its cooling pad) propped up on my lap. And this is how you’ll find me 90% of the time that I’m on the computer.

How about you, Persephoneers? What’s your favorite setting/position/contortion to be in as you mess around online? In bed? On the couch? At a desk?

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Right now I’m adapting to having one of my sons here for the summer, so he’s more or less claimed the office (and the desktop system) for the next week or two. Now, you’d THINK I’d be smart and go use the desk that I have set up in the kitchen (which overlooks the squirrels in the yard), or set up shop in the dining room, but no. Instead I sit in my purple massage chair all day long, or occasionally mix it up and sit on the supremely uncomfortable futon. I mean, there’s so many more comfortable places; the big foofy foof chair-thing, the bed… I did try to work outside for a while, but 1. every day was overcast and I didn’t want to risk getting the laptop rained on, and 2. the mosquitos Did. Not. Care. how much spray I had on or lamps of citronella I had lit.

Back when I had to work in the office, I did have them do one of those ergo-tests and I had a fancy ergo chair adjusted for me with dual monitors adjusted for me and so on, but I’d still always squirm around in the chair (I have a bad back) and never kept my shoes on for longer than I had to…

most often it’s in some form on the couch (once I started living with SO we agreed that no computers should go into the bed- exceptions made for sickness/injury, though). Currently my feet are on the coffee table and my computer is on the cushion next to me so that I’m sort of leaning on one elbow and hip. I’m like this quite a bit (unless I am forced to share the couch with another being who does not like being used for a laptop holder. I’m looking at you, Cat.), mostly because I sometimes wonder what so much laptop-on-lap/belly time does to internal lady-bits.

Alternate position: on the floor on my back with my knees bent and my laptop propped against my thighs so that my screen ends up being really wide open, but it’s surprisingly comfortable.

I’m tied to a desktop most of the time, so standard and boring is my way, but always rocked back in the chair with my feet propped on anything under my desk that isn’t a beagle. I imagine once I get a laptop or tablet it will be a full sprawl somewhere comfy (and still with my feet propped :-)

First, I totally read that as commute not compute and was very confused. But as for computing, I’m one for sitting cross legged on my couch with my computer propped up on my pretend coffee table, so I can squiggle around into different positions easily.

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