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Lunchtime Poll: The Truth About Pets I’ve Had

Let’s ask some important questions about pets you’ve had. Tell the truth, or take the dare!

Truth: Did you have any pets you just really didn’t like? When I was a kid, my mom kept two chickens, Sarah and Amy. My job was to feed them every day. In return, they gave us fresh eggs. I hated feeding those chickens. One day, a neighborhood dog broke into the chicken pen and ate those two chickens. My mom and I came home to a very satisfied dog licking feathers off his lips. I pretended to be sad, but I was pretty happy to never have to feed those chickens again.

Dare: Go to the pet food store that has some rescues available and say hello to the kitties. I double dog dare you not to take one home!

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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My parents had a cat named Casper once when I was growing up. I didn’t like Casper at all. He was an outdoor cat and had giant balls that for some reason disgusted the young me (adult me is annoyed my parents didn’t neuter him). He was a white and orange cat (mostly white) and was always covered in grease and whatever else he’d laid in (and he laid in a lot of questionable things). My brother once told me that Casper came home covered in slugs. I never touched that cat again or let him near me.

Bonus pet info of the day: it’s my Loki-boy’s birthday! His fake vet-guesstimated birthday but still! He’s NINE. And still insane. And trying to get on my lap. I’ll just share this adorable picture from the day I got him in early September of 2003. My baby. <3

For a little while, it was hard to like my dog, Penny. When she was a puppy — and since she’s a black lab mix, that puppy stage lasted several years — she was always eating and destroying everything. I didn’t hate her, but she did drive us crazy. I would console myself by saying that other people wouldn’t have put up with her and she would have been doomed to the shelter, so I was doing a good thing.

Now I like her in all her doggy ADHD-ness. She can still be annoying about certain things, but at 7 years old, she’s FINALLY settled down.

we should have called our dogs Hawkeye and Honeycutt.  I swear they plan daily how to make me miserable and look endearing while doing it.   Our border collie cross has dug a 2ft trench under a blue spruce in his pen.  He hides little dog treasure in there.  He regularly steals our other dog’s rawhide bones and triumphantly retreats to his fortress with them.  Other dog then stands at the edge of the kingdom stock still, barking for EVER until he gets his bone back.  This typically happens between 4 and 5 a.m.  Then when I go outside to harp at them, they bound up to the gate and lick my face and look all sweet and loving . . . I am Col. Potter in this cast. I think that makes Mr. Bells Houlihan  . . . and the kid would be Radar . . . I’m getting too far in to this.

We didn’t really have pets growing up because I have pretty bad allergies to most animals, much to my sister’s dismay. So the pets we were allowed, I super loved. Now that I’m gone my mother has adopted a bunny, which is cute, but we are not friends. Coming within five feet of his cage makes me sneeze, so feeding him. Is not fun. We also have the care of my sister’s dog, which no one likes, and my mother keeps trying to give away. It makes for fun Sunday dinner arguments.

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