News Appetizers: Nope And Nope

Mercy, mercy, me. Kittens! Rejoice! And welcome back to another round of the mid-week news, where we relish in current events, cringe at headlines, and jump all over what’s going to hell in our dear world like kittens jumping all over a kitten truck that’s just spilled over on Highway One, leaving out a trail of kitten nip as long the eye can see. Lo, the fear, the horror – the massive amount of kittens.  Buckle your panties and tighten your teeth, lets jump right into the mix and get this mayhem show on the road.

Pretty much.

People are still going on about the Eurozone like bad gossip at a funeral. Apparently we went from code level contraction to stagnation in the second quarter of 2012, with high predictions of recession; meanwhile, political leaders are struggling to keep the common currency intact? So you know, freak out and stuff. (NY Times)

Everyone’s favorite goober, Chris Christie, is the official G.O.P. Convention Keynote Speaker at the Republican National Convention. Meh. (NY Times)

In Afghanistan’s Nimroz province, 14 bombers struck and a motorcycle bomb exploded in a busy market in blasts that killed at least 46 people altogether, including 25 civilians and 11 police. (Huffington Post)

Authorities have identified the shooter in the Texas A&M University shooting. Thomas A. Caffall is 35 and was facing eviction when he opened fire on the university campus on Monday afternoon. He killed two and wounded four before being shot to death by police. (Huffington Post)

Riad Hijab, the dejected Syrian PM, says that the Syrian regime is near collapse and that he was “powerless” to stop violence and urges leaders to join the opposition. Oye. (Al Jazeera)

Helen Gurney Brown, rest in peace, baby girl. (Al Jazeera)

The white men’s deep crisis. It’s real. (Colorlines)

Scared yet? Honey, me too. I’m about to go hide under the covers and sing myself a lullaby. But kiddos, remember, in all the scariness, there is good, and it is in one another! So when the world gets terrifying, tell those around you that you love them! And do it while you’re holding them tight!

Till next time, pookies.

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