News Appetizers: This is a TwatWaffle-Free Zone

Kittens, welcome the hell back. This week, I’m pretty sure that the world is actively trying to piss me off, or maybe its just the collection of pissed off that has just come to a point, but let’s just say I need the world to just get it together.

Because who here isn’t ready for a twatwaffle free day? I know I certainly am, because sometimes I look around and think, goddamn, it is only Wednesday and already I have had all sorts of nonsense lobbed in my general direction. Now, while we probably aren’t going to get that break, we can get a recap – the evidence of twatwaffle week, 2012. Good enough. I guess.

Angry Mob Run against twatwaffles who think legitimate rape is a thing 2012.

This guy. And. His. Opinions. On. What. Legitimate.Rape. Is. (The Washington Post)

Phyllis Diller, hardcore bitch, wrapped in sass and laughter, leading the way for women comedians, died on Monday. She fed her husband Fang and her kids garbage soup and buried her ironing in the backyard and we must never forget how fantastic that was. (NY Times)

Political extremism is on the rise in the U.S. Oh, vraiment, you do not say? (NY Times)

Meles Zenawi, a former guerrilla leader and the prime minister of Ethiopia, has passed. (Al Jazeera)

Paul Ryan, the Robin to Mitt Romney’s shitty impression of Batman, sponsored a Bahrain Trade Agreement that has now come under scrutiny amid crackdowns on U.S. free trade agreements.The deal promised that “Bahrain landed the biggest prize in global economics: unfettered access to American consumers, the largest market in the world, meanwhile, the oil-rich kingdom agreed to reform labor practices and improve conditions for workers.” Please take note of the past year for evidence on how that has worked out. (Huffington Post)

Hang your head in shame at the world kids, hang it in shame. Yes, I will go grab the bourbon, you just save me a seat. Until next time kiddos, may we not lose it over the news of the world.

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