News In Haiku Launch a Coup

Because reading all the news takes too much time, I’ve put it into easily digestible haiku.

The Tax Man and Romney

Taxes got you down?
Romney pays 13 percent.
Most workers pay more.


No One Swings Anymore

Hey there, do you swing?
Voters less likely to now.
Mobilize the base.


Assange Probably Appreciates his Personal No Exit

Wikileaks founder
Given refuge in Quito
Big standoff occurs

Al Jazeera

That’s My Plan for a Year Off

Facebook at 20.
Question is, will it go up?
If it does I’m rich.

Al Jazeera

Hater Finds Out He Hates Himself

Schadenfreude says
Anti-Semite is Jewish
Now he’s out a job


Judge Upholds Voter ID Law in PA

Guns are easier
To get than the right to vote
If you’re PoC.


Oh Mary! Stop Being Mean to Matthew!

New Downton Abbey
Trailer gives me ALL the feels
And Shirley MacLaine

Huffington Post

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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God almighty, but I gotta wonder about the voter ID laws being defended on the prevalence of the use of photo ID in other aspects of our lives. Yes I have to show my ID to buy booze, but unlike buying booze I have a right to vote. No one is denying me what I am owed by the constitution by not selling me hooch without verifying my age.

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