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Persephone Lounge is Open For Business: Open Thread for 8/30/12

The end is in sight, folks! (Of the week, that is.)

Come on in, grab a comfy seat, and tell us the most interesting thing that’s happened to you this week. The highlight of my week so far has been successfully making Thai iced tea at home. And holy crap, is there a lot of sugar in it. Good thing it’s delicious.

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Debate of the morning: I am a grad student. My supervisor/lab advisor has been on vacation all week. As the week has progressed more and more people around the lab having been taking off for a long weekend. Yesterday it was me and one other guy, each in our separate offices, in an otherwise quiet lab. So, is it ever worth going in today and pretending to do work while no one is around, or do I take off early for my own long weekend? (Going down to see one of my oldest friends who just had her baby a month early by c-section because of pre-eclampsia!!)

Also, last weekend I got took a motorcycle riders course and got my license! WOO! I don’t *really* have the money (see above: “I’m a grad student”), but what if I just got a cheap older one…?

I vote take off early, unless you have something extraordinarily urgent to do. Your friend just had a probably scary health crisis, and a baby, I’d petition to leave anyway even if your supervisor were there.

Motorbike licence = badass. I’d find some biker-savvy friends though before I went buying one…

Opifex is right — older motorcycles means repairs, but since they’re not likely to be computerized, you can do it all yourself. (Mostly.) When we brought home our first bike, my husband paid a mechanic to show him how to do all the basic maintenance himself.  It was well worth the money and effort.

My friend and I are going to another friend’s baby shower tomorrow. The pregnant friend is Irish (as are all of her friends attending, as far as I know) and Irish people don’t do baby showers, so… I can imagine this is going to be amusing. At least there’ll be cake, right?

An Irish friend of mine told me about a baby shower she went to back in Ireland (this was while we were sitting at on over in the states and being kind of bored). She said that her preggers friend, who had no idea what to do for a baby shower either, rented out a golf course and they drank, rode around golf carts, hit golf balls, and played in the water traps. I can only imagine Irish baby showers are among the best things ever.

Exciting and scary equally! My boyfriend’s been living in England for the past year and I just got a (good, career-expanding) job in his city. So, super-exciting, no more long-distance!  but also, I really like my job here and the people I work, not to mention my family and friends. So I’m veering between “yay!” and “oh god what am I doing”.

So I feel like an asshole. I almost forgot today was my mom’s birthday. I just sent her a text now because its quarter to midnight but I feel like she is gonna be A. upset I almost forgot and/or B. pissed that I sent a text so late. So my question is,should I lie and say I sent the text earlier  and that it must have taken a while to get there? (my phone really does this frequently, being out in the middle-of-nowheres and all) Or own up to it like and adult and face the (possible) wrath of mom?

My week started off totally shitty.  But has gone pretty well.  I met my students and their families, had an awesome birthday despite earlier poopiness, but just keep pressing on.  We all do, we keep moving and surviving and slowly the sadness dissipates.

Pampering myself tonight in anticipation of enjoying Friday more! It’s been a long week for me and a bubble bath was in order. Happily, the tub in our place has a slope on one side that acts as a backrest, it was so lovely.

Fingers crossed for me knocking out a ton of work tomorrow and minimizing the job-related stuff I have to do on the weekend!

I ordered the tea off of Amazon (it’s this), then boiled it in a saucepan (high tea:water ratio since it needs to be strong) with some sugar, then strained it into a pitcher through a coffee filter. Added ice and sweetened condensed milk, and it is AMAZING. This is not my picture, but this is what it looks like, sort of orange and creamy and a glass of heaven:

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