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Persephone Lounge is Open for Business: Open Thread for 8/9/12

Happy Thursday, everyone! Long week this week, or longest week ever?

Come on in, pull up a comfy seat (I’m propped up on the couch because I somehow managed to throw my back out), and tell us something fun.

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Congrats!  Second interviews are the best!  They’re the “Let’s introduce you to everyone and make sure you’re not socially inept” portion of job review.  Much easier than “Tell me everything about yourself, but only the things I want to hear.  I am not going to tell you what those things are.”

In other words, go kick some butt and get that job!

hold the phone.

you used CEO and the pronoun ‘her’ in the same sentence.  i hate hate hate that this caught me as unusual, but affirms the fact that you have found an amazing company.  i’m gonna shove good karma out into the world for the next 10 days in hopes that it lands on you and this company.  good thoughts start . . . NOW!  SEA TURTLE HIGH FIVE!

Anyone else got Olympic fever? This is the first time I’ve really sat and watched a lot of it since 1984. I love all of the stories of the athletes and seeing some of them break world records, make history, be the first _____ to ____, etc. And it’s been really fun watching it with my little girl. Usually she watches ‘Friends’ with me every morning and then Nick/Disney shows on Netflix but she hasn’t taken it off of NBC since the Olympics started.

It’s been a long two weeks of work-travel for me lately. A workshop in CO last week, a conference in OR this week. I’ve been living in hotels, a friend’s couch, and mostly restaurants since some time in July. Then when I fly back to Boston tomorrow night (woo red-eye flight!), bf is picking me up, but then we’re staying at his friends’ place (read: their floor) for the weekend so he can hang out with them and get some dim sum. I have nothing against dim sum or anything, but I just want to GO HOME!

Ugh. Is it Sunday afternoon yet?

I have been stalking a dress since I found out I couldn’t afford it. Retro print, full crinoline underskirt, tiny cover up sweater thing, matching belt. It looks like it’s from the closet of Betty Draper. Today I bought it. For $32. $120 less than the original price. I know it’s wrong to discuss money, but… *Puts on awesome deal hunter sunglasses*. Oh Yeah.

Mostly patience, luck, and timing. I waited until it went on sale a few times, but today it was on the 70% off rack on the wrong side of the store and I happened to have some store wide sale, faithful customer coupon things. It was the last one left and it was in my size. I figured it had to be a sign. I’m kind of deal-gifted. I once got an $800 mattress for $250. I got the gift from watching my mom make ends meet on a tiny military budget. Her last major purchase was a dryer. Which she got for less than the appliance store paid for it.

Crinoline is sewn into the lining, so there is no “without.”. But I wouldn’t want there to be. It’s just full enough to give the right impression, but not full enough to impede anything. And it is perfect on. I am an hourglass shape, so anything that belts in and doesn’t touch my hips is perfect! (All my dresses are sheaths or exactly this shape. I don’t change things up. Ever.)

I’m chilling today and tomorrow before going to GeekGirlCon this weekend. Super excited to see what it has to offer this year. I really enjoyed it last year. Anyone else from pmag attending?

I just tried to do a 20/10 but it’s turned into a 20/40 as I rest my feet to keep them from swelling. Kind of obnoxious but pain isn’t worth cleanliness. I’ll get another couple 10’s in between laying down and this place WILL be clean! It’ll happen, no?

Longest week ever. Oh my goodness, I’m so exhausted. Eight days straight, five of which were closing shifts. Today I was supposed to be done at 2, and they decided to extend my shift until 6. Because I didn’t need to make my house presentable for both my mother and the pet sitter, get dinner, wash clothes, and pack for an overnight we’re going on tomorrow.

But… I came home to this amazing vase full of flowers. Mr. qSS said they were from Sid, our tiny tinycat, but I’m pretty sure the other cats and maybe the dog had something to do with it as well.

How did you manage to throw your back out? I too am hold up on my couch.. but that’s more because I’m tired of laying on the floor and have very little choice in seating. :P

I’ve spent today cleaning my kitchen and reading Terry Pratchett books. It’s been a lovely day, but I’m getting kind of bored now.

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