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Sort the Stars: Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds

Today’s stars are two young men who are about the same age, about the same height and have an affinity for playing heroes from comic books. Green Lantern, meet Captain America.

Chris Evans, from IMDB

 Chris Evans has played Human Torch/Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four franchise, as well as Captain America in the Avengers franchise. In my opinion, he has a jaw similar to Tom Cruise, but that may just be my imagination. When he’s not brining comics to life, he’s playing a variety of characters, including a love interest in What’s Your Number, and a notorious serial killer in The Iceman.

Ryan Reynolds, from IMDB

Ryan Reynolds, on the other hand, has played the Green Lantern in the franchise of the same name, and had a minor role in the latest Wolverine. He played the stunned bachelor in The Change Up, and a convenient stand-in fiance in The Proposal. As for heavier films, Ryan Reynolds was a buried-alive truck driver in Buried and a CIA agent in Safe House. 

So how can you tell these two apart? Well, for starters, Evans has blue eyes and Reynolds has brown. Also, as far as I an tell, Reynolds has never played a serial killer. And Ryan Reynolds has the distinction having dated Alanis Morissette, and marrying Scarlett Johannson. He’s most recently been linked to Blake Lively, a Green Lantern co-star. There are also decidedly more pictures of Reynolds without his shirt on scattered across the Internet. So, that might be another clue.

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Your Woleverine typo made me imagine Logan knitting. Just getting the nerd out of my system.

Chris Evans isn’t very troubled about getting (half-)naked either, but that’s probably the places I go. I think he’s firmer on the side of goody two shoes roles, although I like him more when he’s nastier (or sillier, like in Scott Pilgrim, as one of the seven evil exes).

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