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Sorting the Stars: Lady Gaga and Lady Antebellum

They are both musical. They both go by the first name Lady. They’ve both had songs covered on Glee. But who am I kidding? This is where the similarities end. 

Lady Gaga, sitting like a lady.

Lady Gaga is a pop star, known for outrageous costumes and infectious dance tunes. She burst onto the scene in 2008 with the song “Just Dance,” which was quickly followed other hit singles on her first album, The Fame. While her music has a good beat and you can dance to it, Lady Gaga has also made a name for herself with outrageous fashion. You name it, she’s worn it (Bubbles! Meat! Kermit the Frog!)


Lady Antebellum. The name is misleading, right?

Lady Antebellum, it turns out, isn’t a lady at all. It’s a lady and TWO dudes. TWO. I know, and I agree, the name of the band is misleading. You’ve heard of Lady Antebellum because of their smash #1 song, “Need You Now.” Trust me, you’ve heard it. The trio won Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, and Best Country Song all with the song “Need You Now” and an album by the same name. They followed up that success with the album Own the Night in 2012 that won best country album.

Now here’s a cheat sheet just in case you need it:

If you’re at a country bar, it’s Lady Antebellum.

If in a dance club, it’s Lady Gaga.

If there are three people on the stage singing, it’s Lady Antebellum.

If there is one woman on stage, wearing food or stuffed animals, it’s Lady Gaga.

Not all musical sensations are so easy to sort. What musicians and bands do you mix up?

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I have a lot of love for Lady Antebellum, less so for Lady Gaga. I’m rather hideous when it comes to musicians, I’m usually aware of who it is i’m listenting to if I’ve gone so far to purchase music, but otherwise, I haven’t a clue most of the time.

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