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This Open Thread is Chock Full O’ Unicorns!

You read that right, Persephoneers. Full to the brim with unicorns.

During the weekend Open Thread, my mad drawing skillz were included in our donation drive (which, by the way, it isn’t too late to contribute – more unicorns are always possible). My sincere apologies for the lateness, but here they are!

For the lovely @bryndonovan:









For our resident bad-ass, @slaybelle:









For @mj, to whom I am forever grateful for her Olyphant pics:









And finally, a little cubism for @veruna:












So, now that I’m all paid up on unicorns, here’s a little something for the rest of y’all.



I hope everyone’s week is going swimmingly! Please do tell in the comments!





By [E]queSarahSarah

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I love those unicorns! We don’t have enough girly things in my house. I have 2 boys and a husband. But all the pets are girls!

My week is moving along, despite the root canal I had yesterday. Today I go get a crown over it, and then we have family coming to visit on Sunday.

But I love unicorns, they made my day!

Hi there, Persephoneers!

My friend told me there was a study  a little while ago showing that when women even speak for 30% of a conversation they’re viewed as dominating it by men. Now he can’t find the link to it. Any chance you lovely people know where I could find such a thing?

I just got a new tiny kitten! Her name is Mochi and she’s full of delectable sweetness :) My older cat she’s joining is NOT so pleased about this especially as she’s joined by her brother and a friend’s cat while he moves into a new (closer!) place. In other words his solitary existence has just been filled with three other cats and he is not happy about that fact. Anyway Yay tiny kitty who is currently purring and asleep on my stomach :)

I’ve had an FB feud happen recently too, with a friend that I used to be inseparable with as a kid. Somehow along the way, she’s turned into a super conservative with not a very keen grasp on facts. (Not polite version: She’s kind of an asshole when it comes to having a social conscious and refuses to recognize her privilege or the fact that not everyone can “just get a job”. Also she’s basically thrown our friendship to the wayside for her boyfriend, we always talk only about her issues–rarely mine, and literally 99% of what she talks to me about is 1)her boyfriend 2)dieting. Drives. Me. Nuts.) I wasn’t hypocritical or mean, simply stated some historically accurate facts, but she took it as an attack and made it into this whole Big Thing when it really didn’t need to be.

It’s so hard to not try to lay the smackdown on people but in the long run it will save you so much drama.

oh sweetie, i am right there with you.  i made the mistake of getting into it with a dude i didn’t even know and his posse of right-wingers.  it started with me making a counter-point to an old friend’s post (we used to be tight – then I don’t know – he got real weird real fast) and ended with me slamming my laptop down in a huff.  the whole time, I had @Susan’s takedown post in my head and I realized that i was being a major uppity liberal Christian among uppity conservative Christians.  that pissed me off more than anything – realizing that i was being a person i hate.  blech!

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