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This Open Thread is Gettin’ the Party Started!

What party, you ask? Well, Persephoneers, it’s almost the 32nd anniversary of my birth. And this year, I’m changing things up a little. Last year, I did what any proper old-lady-in-training would do and worked all day, then came home and made dinner for Mr. qSS and myself. This year, a kinda fancy hotel in a prime location has been booked, concert tickets have been obtained, and plans to meet up with good friends in the area we’re visiting have been confirmed. It’s shaping up to be a kick-ass birthday.

So, folks, do any of you have some celebrations coming up? A birthday, anniversary, or just celebrating not having to go to work the next day?

Let’s get this party going in the comments!

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Happy upcoming birthday!

I’ll have a large-ish family-related event on Sunday, where I might wear the dress I’ve been working on. Oh, and I dug out my vintage-y Mary Janes that I got in my 1930s/40s phase during the university years, and they look cooler than I remembered, so I have shoes that work as well. Need stockings though. Stupid summer and mosquito bites and bruises.

Also, got a new belt for my antique Singer sewing machine (it’s a 66-1 from 1923, with lotus decals). Spent a blissful couple of hours yesterday cleaning and oiling all the parts I could unscrew.

Test out how you look on webcam before the real deal! Not that looks are the most important thing etc. etc. but if you are wearing makeup especially, it might look really strange on the computer regardless of how awesome you look irl. Example- I was doing a Skype interview and discovered my concealer was NEON peach on the webcam. So I basically had orange polka dots all over my face. Probably not the type of tip you were looking for but that was really embarrassing for me lol… Good luck!

Tomorrow’s my birthday! I get to start the day’s celebrations with a trip to the doctor! Actually if I get a prescription for something that gets my wrists to quit hurting I’m gonna count that as a good present.

The boy came to see me at lunch today because he is helping his father move to a new state all weekend and is missing my birthday. He bought me Thai food and a replica of the 12th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver that opens up and makes noises and things. This more or less makes up for missing the actual day.

And The Avengers is showing at the local little one screen theater in my hometown. I have a group of friends joining me to go see it tomorrow night along with getting shwarma for dinner at a nearby cafe. So I have that to look forward to.

I don’t have any good news, except that a couple of prospective employers are reviewing my application (So says the online statuses on their career websites).  Yay?

And my Dad has gotten off my back (at least for a little bit) after my aunt had a talking-to with him about how the job market does not simply give away jobs like napkin dispensers.  Also yay?


So, it seems like we’re going to move into BF’s friend’s house for a little while, hopefully as soon as Saturday.

Obviously it’s still not ideal because it doesn’t involve us having our own space, but THANK FUCKING GOD.

Right now we’re trying to get an apartment with a lease that starts September 1st, and alternatively the same people have a second one in the same building for September 15th. But you know what this means? I will get to start my next semester NOT being in this shithole. NOT being around people I can’t stand. NOT hiding away in the bedroom all day long on my computer. NOT feeling like a complete and utter piece of shit because I can’t go hang out with anyone and sometimes it feels like nothing’s going for me (even though I know that’s not true).

So fuck freaking yeah, it will be time to PARTY.

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