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This Open Thread Needs to Bust a Move

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need more dancing in my life. Or maybe more kitty snuggles. Same difference, right?

Here’s a little bit of both.

Kitty snuggles:

This is the tiny cat that Mr. qSS found about six weeks ago. He’s growing at a frightening pace but is so impossibly cute.


And here’s a little music to get this Wednesday night party started!

I saw these guys last weekend in Baltimore in a club/gallery that was only slightly larger than my parents’ living room and I have to say, it was pretty darn awesome.

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I’m doing a dance that is probably painfully similar to the Carlton below – Sephora box arrived!

I got a set of rollerballs so I can smell awesome all the time (well, maybe not ALL the time, what with the funk of I-work-at-home-and-my-car-is-dead showerless days…), as well as a sampler set of six perfumes, another sampler of another perfume (I was in a scent-sational mood when I ordered), samplers of Lancome mascara and Urban Decay Naked foundation*, and a set of lipsticks/glosses (they release a sampler set 1-2x a year; I always grab those as well as the skincare/sunscreen sampler that comes out in the summer). Sephora is my favorite toy store! Plus I love mixing up natural products (coconut oil forever!) with cheap-but-good products with the stuff that really makes a difference when it’s high-end. Lip products and perfume are the main areas where I do so much better with a little splurging, so getting a great deal on both is a happy day!

(*=they did a really nice job on the sampler pack of this; it has 4 shades to try out and even has a little guide you can use to hold up to your skin to find your shade.)

The thermometer is registering 21°C. Am now certain the Discworld trolls are of Scottish descent – I need a cooling-helmet ASAP if I’m to carry on functioning like an ordinary human being. Failing the appearance of cooling-helmets, negotiations with autumn better start soon.

My feelings on kitty snuggles are a little delicate at the moment.

Had a horrid night last night, and somewhere around 5am, was feeling somewhat more settled. Had the iPod out and was going between audio books and music. Juniper Puss, being Juniper Puss, caught sight on the earphone wires while he was doing his early-morning aerobics in the bedroom. Cue a whacking great lump of black fur hurtling towards me from nowhere. Claws out. He did, at least, do his best to be all cute and cuddly whilst I somehow got myself downstairs and found the antisceptic and plasters.

It is, I’ll admit, hard to be annoyed with this much cuteness.

Pill Pockets. Pill pockets saved my arm from many a clawing when I had a kitty on pills. I couldn’t mix them into wet food, because she was a clever shit and would eat around them. But pill pockets are sort of squishy and I could smoosh the end closed after putting the pill in and she would eat the whole thing. I got them at PetSmart when I needed them.

Plasters would be band-aids, I think? Oh goodness, veterinary needs are never particularly fun. After a small operation, Juniper Puss was required to wear a cone. It did not go down well. In the morning it was always a case of “find the cone” followed by the delightful experience of “get the cone back on the cat”. Didn’t seem to matter what we did in terms of trying to keep it on, Juniper Puss only went one night with keeping it on. When it comes to pills though, I have to admit Juniper Puss is a little star. I’ll rattle the pill bottle and he comes running along to sit politely on the kitchen table. He then lets me put finger and thumb in his mouth to open up his jaw, drop the pill in with the other hand, and then he starts purring. Poor Widget! Though indeed, poor Selena! Hope pill time goes more smoothly next time and is a little less requiring of antisceptic. Can remember the Freddy Krueger days from when I worked in a cattery/kennels. Last night, however, left me looking like I’d been victim of a vampire with bad aim.

So I hung out with my high school BFFs this week. We realized that we became friends while REAGAN was still in office. Damn. Talk about a reality check.

But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- the people you meet in your youth don’t ever appear to age. Other people do, but your besties? They will always look just slightly older than when you met. For real. It’s a kindness of human nature.

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