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This Wednesday OT Has a Fever!

Happy Wednesday, Persephoneers! And a happy one it is. You see, it’s the beginning of my weekend. As of noon, I am off until Saturday afternoon. Now it’s time to take care of everything that’s gone to the wayside the last two weeks! Laundry! Painting! Puppy and kitty snuggles! Quality time with Mr. qSS! 

Now that all of that is done, it’s time to chill with one of the sexiest songs ever. I tried to find the version that’s on my Ultra-Lounge CD, but the Googles have failed me, so we’ll just have to hit repeat on the Peggy Lee version.


Let’s dish about the week so far in the comments!

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So last night, I was having dinner with the family, and my brother totally man-splained the whole Akin “legitimate rape” sound byte, saying that the media was blowing something stupid one guy said out of proportion. Welp, I nearly lost my shit, I love my brother more than anything, but he’s young (21) and somewhat clueless about the degree of male privilege that exists (or the extent to which being a male has helped him). I explained that personhood laws affect everyone from rape and incest victims, to women who need the pill to regulate their periods, to those who use contraception (uh almost everybody) , to women who miscarry and are help criminally responsible. I love my brother, I think his viewpoints are largely a product of growing up in the church, (though there was not  AS much anti women rhetoric, it more played out in how people treated eachother) and identifying as a conservative (though we are Canadian….there is generally less right-wing anti-gay and anti abortion rage)  . I too once held these views, but I was lucky, I was in music and met lots of LGBT peeps, feminists, etc. I read Jezebel (back when it was good) , lost my virginity (OUTSIDEEE off marriage to a non-christian!!) and gradually my world views changed. Anywhoo… my brother is not in music (good, cause someone has to be financially well off enough to care for the ‘rents in their old age) and I would say generally lacks any progressive influences in his life. So, my question for you ladies (and gents) is what should I do/give him to read (other than articles printed off of this site) does anyone know of good, accessible, books introducing feminist concepts and the idea of male privilege?

Waited 45 minutes to see the doctor for 10. Bah. And basically have been told that I have tendinitis and I am just going to have that. Haven’t started my PT yet, so we’ll see if that helps. Plus they are going to build me some custom splints. But the doctor’s big advice for me? Change jobs. LIKE IT IS EVER SO EASY TO DO THAT.

I’ve been debating about cutting all my hair off recently. It’s loong now, like down over my boobs long. And it’s nice and all, but I’m a really really low-maintenance kind of person and the hair is starting to become work. [ie. I actually have to brush it after a shower, I put extra conditioner in it so it’s not long and foofy]. So I called the hair salon yesterday for an appointment this afternoon with the intention of going super short (but not quite Emma Watson short). Now today I’m having a really pretty hair day and I’m almost a little hesitant to put it under the knife.

Why couldn’t I have had a bad, foofy hair kind of day? Then I would have been glad to be rid of it!

I only read the first page and then had to stop because I was laughing too much:

4. “Press a fork (firmly, but don’t break the skin or anything) into different parts of his body — his butt cheeks, his pecs, his thighs.”
This was clearly written at lunchtime, after a morning spent rummaging around the office for kinkspiration. Rejected options: “Hold a blueberry muffin in your fist and punch him in the mouth.” “Pretend to be a naughty piece of printer paper and tell him to ‘staple’ you.” “Act like a PDF and order him to ‘fax me hard.’ Make all relevant noises.”

My mother used to sing Fever to me at night, as a lullaby. I was in High School before I realized how simultaneously awesome and inappropriate it was.

I’m suuuuper behind at work. I confessed to two coworkers today. They were less than sympathetic. I should probably have kept it to myself but I told them about my plan to  catch up so maybe now I’ll feel more accountable and have to follow through.

First day of Grownup Job was today. I just keep trying to remember that in a month, I’ll have some kind of nice routine worked out and won’t be gaping at the yawning stretch of the the hours between arrival and going home. Shit is scary, I have never set my own schedule before, I have never not had someone telling me what to do from moment to moment.

Maybe I can learn how to be my own taskmaster.

In any case, I’m wiped out from sleeping so poorly last night and then being ON at all times today (more of that tomorrow) so screw working out, screw making peach crisp, I’mma go to bed at 10.

This morning I woke up and heard one of my cats throwing up under my bed. Not a cause for immediate concern, since a 4 cat household has a lot of drive by puking accidents. I looked under the bed to see which one it was and saw Lola, licking her lips. She looked at me, her eyes rolled back, and she fell over on her side. Guys, I thought she was dead. I was freaking the fuck out. I pulled her out from under the bed and she was stiff as a board then started convulsing for about 15-20 seconds. She finally snapped out of it and within 15 minutes, she was eating breakfast like nothing happened.

I’ve never been so terrified in my life. I called the vet immediately and they said I was welcome to bring her in but that unless she has 2-3 seizures in the span of a month, they wouldn’t start treating her since the meds are so harsh on their livers. So I monitored her as much as possible and she seems ok.

Does anyone have a pet with seizures or know anyone that does? Apparently they aren’t a huge concern if they happen only once in a while but holy fucking moly, it was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen. She’s only 3 years old and they say once they have one seizure, they are likely to have another. I barely leave my apartment for more than a few hours as it is, how am I supposed to leave knowing she might have a seizure while I’m gone? :(

This is Lola, complete with Nemo-esque ‘special’ paw that she’s had since I rescued her as a kitten.

Apparently during the seizure, the cat isn’t conscious so it’s not painful for them, which makes me feel better. They can be disoriented coming out of it but I’d rather she be disoriented rather than in pain.

It was sooooo scary though! I used to foster kittens and the only time I saw anything like a seizure was the few times that I had sick kittens die on me. I really thought that was what was happening to Lola and it was probably the most scared I’ve ever been in my life.

So far so good though, hopefully if she has another one it won’t be for a very long time!

From vague memory, epilepsy isn’t unusual in cats (or indeed, other animals). Although epilepsy and seizures aren’t one and the same, it has to be said. Can be very frightening, but I’d trust your vet on this. And also? Maybe ring them up again and simply ask them to explain more about what’s (possibly) going on.

As for personal experience, my rabbit had seizures but it was due to a brain tumour and the poor little guy died young. But, another point, his were consistent (for want of a better word), not just on “the odd occasion”.

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