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So in this Olympic week, I only have two animes to watch. Eureka is off the air until the Games are over. Accel World had a rather good episode, which makes me hate Noumi more and more, while Sword Art Online has the start of a murder investigation arc. Not as fun to watch as Accel World, but still not a bad episode either.

Accel World, Episode  17


Three things happened this episode. Haru saw Princess Snow Black in a bikini at the beach. Taku proves he’s a lot more intelligent than the first few episodes showed us and Dusk Taker is all cryptic about “us.”

Haru and Snow Black have a little conversation. Not much is said there and Haru is trying to hide the “Noumi affair” to her. Taku though guessed right about Haru losing his wing. So he challenges Noumi to a duel while he’s doing an exam. A rather brilliant plan, see Noumi try to not be connected, but he can’t stop cheating so he has to connect at some point to the system to do so. The best time to catch him. We also learn that Noumi is a total asshole who believes that people who don’t cheat and have friends are weaklings. Yawn, I’ve seen your type before, dude…

He’s also cryptic talking about “us,” knows about the Incarnate System that only the Kings and few others know about and doesn’t think of himself as a burst linker. He actually says that “Burst Linkers” is what the first generation called itself and that’s now how “they,” including him, call themselves. Maybe we have new bad guys in the shadows? He also makes an interesting comment about the Kings, saying 6…7 Kings know about IS. As far as the show have told us, there are only six Kings of Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black and White. Who is the seventh one?

The episode finished with a traitor as well. Chiyu went out-of-character and helped Dust Taker by “healing him.” What have you done!!!!!!!! The worst part, next week’s episode seems to take us to Okinawa with Black Lotus fighting some people who show up in the opening sequence.

Sword Art Online, Episode 5

The return of Asuna, the Lightning Flash. She’s now the vice-commander of the Knight of the Blood Oath guild and she and Kirito don’t get along at all. Which means they are the perfect couple.

This episode was the start of a murder investigation. A player is murdered in a safe zone without starting a duel or any visible exploit. There’s been sleep PK in the game where players request a duel and take the sleeping person’s hand to “accept.” The reason for the murder seems to be revenge, though, and with a weapon called Guilty Thorn, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Bad coop, good cop and the targets
Bad cop, good cop and the targets

There’s quite a bit of bonding between Asuna and Kirito in this episode. We also get to see another episode 2 character, he’s a merchant with a high appraisal skill that helps ID the weapon. Not much fighting, though. A rather slow episode, unless you like romance. The episode ended with another murder right in front of everybody. I can just imagine if the guy responsible found an exploit or if those type of murders are allowed.

I also found the answer to one of my questions: Is there in-game wedding? The answer is yes!

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