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Eureka Seven AO is back to finish the cliffhanger from three weeks ago. Beside this, we have the conclusion to another two-parter in Accel World (with some underwater fighting!) and sort of a love episode in Sword Art Online. I still feel sorry for Lizbeth. Also, in about a month, the Fall season of anime will start. Currently, I will sure to be watching Jormungand season 2. There also seems to be a few interesting animes coming over, including one that isn’t based on a novel/manga/game, called K.

Accel World, Episode 19
So Megumi was a “former” Burst Linker, with a totally overpowered ability to force transition of Unlimited World Field stages. Although Merrow is also a totally overpowered character, I have no idea if she can fight, but prophetic abilities are scary.

This episode was much better than the previous one. Crikin is totally a “screw” and both Dolphin and Merrow have unfair advantage on the Ocean stage with mermaid mode. I like Crikin a lot; his main ability is to turn a big pile of metal into a giant robot. The whole process is similar to how the Power Rangers got their own giant robots back in the day. He also has a crappy ability of throwing smaller screws like shurikens.

Now lets talk about the “big bad guy here.” The monster attacking Okinawa is actually tamed. His master is called Sulfur Pot who, also, speaks about a secret Organization. We actually see him in the opening sequence right before Dusk Taker. I suppose they are related. The next episode will bring us back to Haru and friends against Dusk Taker. Yeah!

Sword Art Online, Episode 7

Fly hug

This episode went from a typical, “I’m falling in love with you,” to a total heartbreak moment. Asuna is lucky to have a friend like that really. Heart Competition averted.

This wasn’t a bad episode, but not a great one, either. It had a lot of funny moments, despite the heartbreak. We also discovered that dragons that eat crystal also generate crystal as poo. So charming. There isn’t much to say besides that; I suspect it was another side story of the novel. I want the main plot please.

Eureka Seven AP, Episode 16

Weee, it’s back!

After three weeks, we finally get the conclusion to Operation Polaris. A 36-hour marathon to get all the Secrets gathered in the same spot to blow them up. Of course, you know that it doesn’t go as planned. It never does.

Not much happened here besides that! Naru tried to defend Okinawa. Truth tried to make Operation Polaris fail. And I’m not sure what is happening at Generation Blue, but I suspect that Blanc is going to lose his job at some point.

The episode can be summed up thusly: AO ends up having to save everyone, again. Also, it seems that in the process he erased Goldilocks from existence or moved her to another dimension. I’m not sure which yet. I don’t think he does, either. He also used a badass weapon made by the Quartz. Those Corallians sure are handy when they can transform into weapons of mass destructions or just teleportation.

Weapon of mass disappearance
Weapon of mass disappearance

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