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So I took a little break from playing Guild Wars 2 to watch my weekly anime! Accel World brings back the “Gang” against Dusk Taker, Sword Art Online has some bonding between Kirito and Asuna, and Eureka Seven AO is still mindfracking as usual, more so with all the new information in this episode. But it’s in a good way.

Accel World ep 20

Back to the Dusk Taker vs. Taku/Haru fight.

So Chiyu joined up with the asshole Nomi to get free points and Haru went berserk. The Chrome Disaster started to manifest, because of his anger. In his case, Taku got sliced into multiple pieces, he also joked that it has been a long time since that happened…

30 seconds to cook a 12-inch pizza in the microwave? The future sure improved pre-fab food and microwaves (the start button is in the neuro-linker interface, not the physical microwave). Although, they seems to give nightmares too, because Haru had a really bad one. He also misses his “waifu,” I mean Princess Snow Black.

Evil Haru
What nightmares do to you

Haru also has problems at school now, everybody thinks he’s the one who put the camera in the girls’ bathroom. Which is something Nomi did, which he probably blamed on Haru. Although, Haru is used to getting beaten, so he’s like: “Keep hitting me, I’m not the one that did that.” I so hope karma will hit Nomi hard soon.

Although, next episode we might see Scarlet Rain, because Haru suggests asking her about the Incarnate System. He suspects that telling Black Lotus will only result in a dead Chyiu.

Sword Art Online ep 8

This episode had so many MMORPG cliché.

First, the Master Chef! Yep, Asuna maxes cooking and she actually complains that the system is simplified in SAO. There are also special cooking items in the game that are super rare. Unfortunately, we are not told what kind of boost they give.

Second, we have Guild Drama! Asuna’s guild leader is a bit paranoid, with good reason, because a suspicious guy is seen this episode who probably wants to kill Asuna.  This means that the Knight of the Blood Pact leaders have bodyguards. The one following Asuna is pretty annoying too. He actually challenges Kirito to a duel and loses. Kirito is so overpowered that he just destroyed the guy’s weapon. They also keep Asuna’s house under observation. I’m creeped out too, Asuna. The rest of the drama is the normal stuff, themore people there are, the more people act strangely.

Third, players finding 3D pixels cute and pretty. Poor Asuna, she already receives a lot of marriage proposals… but she only wants Kirito.

Besides this, the rest of the story feels a bit like Asuna trying to get a date with Kirito, disguising it as a dungeon cleaning session.

They have now lived two years in the virtual world and are just to floor 74. There is apparently only about 500 people still fighting on the front line, most people just want to live a “normal” life now.

Eureka Seven AP ep 17

So Ao changed the present and the past. There is now a Northern light that has “touched” the Earth since the Age of the Vikings. He erased the Norwegian Scub Coral from that timeline. This explains why Goldilocks don’t exist, two of the members were children of a guy who moved to Norway to work on that Scub Coral. They never became IFO pilots because the coral never existed.

We also learn that there is a manga based on Pied Piper written by Elena! Poor Fleur, I prefer to avoid the content now.

This episode also had the emergence of a lot of infected humans with Trapar. Not sure exactly what is happening, but maybe the Scub Corals are “evOl” in this Universe or erasing the Scub actually freed the coralians and they are now finding “hosts.”

Yeah, we got some information about Johansson’s book, it’s actually Truth’s own story about how the world is wrong. By the way, it looks like Truth is from our reality, not sure how Secret exists in our reality though. He wants to fix the timeline too, which I suppose means erasing all the Scub Coral.

We also learn that Coral considers time and space to be the same thing and it looks like Eureka is trapped between different timelines. Poor Ao, he want to free his mother. Renton wants to free his wife… and nobody cares about Elena who is totally lost as well (and she understands Ao).

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