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WeTry It: Zoku Quick Pop Maker

I was recently gifted a “popsicle making kit” through a blogger promotion. When I read those words, I assumed I’d be receiving some popsicle molds, not unlike the Tupperware ones my mom used in the 1980s. What came in the mail could not be anything further from a simple plastic mold.

Are those homemade mint chocolate chip popsicles? Why yes, yes they are.

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker freezes your pops. The unit goes in the freezer, and once it’s ready, you pour pop mixture right into the pop maker. In eight minutes or so your pops are completely frozen and can be pulled out of the pop maker. That’s right friends, there’s no hours of waiting (I remember it taking forever when I was a kid) – it’s mere minutes.

I will admit, it took some trial and error before I got the hang of using the Pop Maker. My two-pop maker came with the official Zoku pop book, and after my failed attempts, I highly recommend you order the book. The cookbook explains that fat content and sugar content really affect how the pops freeze. My first batch got stuck in the pop maker; in my second batch, the sticks came out, but the pops didn’t. The third time proved to be the charm, and I enjoyed every bite of the lemonade pop I worked so hard to create! A couple of tips:

  • Let the pop maker freeze for the full 24 hours before starting to make pops. If it’s hotter than Hades, maybe give it 36 hours.
  • The manual says you can make up to three batches of pops; in my kitchen, at close to 80 degrees, this is just not true. I can get two batches (so four pops) out before the pop maker is too warm to work. Don’t try and stretch it – if your pop doesn’t freeze (or the pop freezes and the sticks come out), you have to clean the pop maker. And guess what? Then you need to let it freeze for another 24 hours.
  • Put the popsicle sticks in the pop maker before adding add ins like chocolate chips or fruit pieces.
That’s it. A self-freezing popsicle maker. It is a good world we live in. Want to look at really pretty popsicles? Check out the Zoku Blog.

It’s easy to freeze pops in layers, these are perfect patriotic pops!


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When you say two-pop, all I can think of is Tupak. I’m sorry.

Also, if you have to wait 24 hours for the thing to be ready to use, isn’t that like waiting 24 hours for the pops to freeze?


Yes- that’s where it gets tricky. For the moment, I’m keeping Tupak in the freezer all the time. As long as the unit is frozen, the pops freeze in 8 minutes, which is awesome. After I make 4-6 pops, I need to freeze the unit again for a few hours before it’s cold enough to use.

They make a single pop maker, which is really for personal use. I have Tupak, and there’s a three-pop maker. If I was going to make pops for a crowd, I’d start a week ahead of time.

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