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When I was in fifth grade, I wanted to be Joan Jett. (Actually, to be honest, I kind of still do.) In my early 20s, when I was married with children, I lived vicariously through Courtney Love. I have always had an affinity for female musicians and all-girl bands, whether it was The Go-Gos or Josie and the Pussycats. My latest favorite? Cherri Bomb.

Cherri Bomb is a hard-rocking, ass-kicking, all-girl band out of Los Angeles. And when I say “all-girl,” I mean all-girl. Guitarist Julia Pierce founded the band in 2008 when she was just 11 years old. Eleven! She was joined by drummer Nia Lovelis (age 15), guitarist Miranda Miller (age 16), and Nia’s little sister Rena (age 14) on bass. They just released their first full-length album, This Is the End of Control, in May of this year and one of their songs, Shake the Ground, was included on the Avengers movie soundtrack. In mid-July, they joined the Vans’ Warped Tour. Not bad for a group of kids who are barely old enough to drive, right?

Obviously, these girls are good. You don’t achieve that level of success by being a gimmick band with pretty faces. But being talented and successful aren’t the only things that make Cherri Bomb so awesome. It’s also their attitude. When asked during an interview where they got the name for their band, Julia said:

“We got the name of our band from a book called Cherry Bomb and it resembled this type of confident, tough rocker chick with a really powerful kind of vibe to her and it kind of portrayed exactly what we stood for and it inspired us to name our band “˜Cherri Bomb.’”

(Yeah, I assumed they got it from that iconic, rebellious, girl-power song by The Runaways too.)

Confident. Tough. Powerful. Those are words I like to hear coming from young women of today. It’s also refreshing to see some female artist alternatives to boy-crazy Taylor Swift, crotch-grabbing Rihanna, and cupcake-breasted Katy Perry.

Check out this video for “˜Shake the Ground’ which pretty much sums up what Cherri Bomb is all about.  And if you’re a rock music aficionada, definitely get your hands on “This is the End of Control.”

‘Shake the Ground’

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