Do You Have a Messy House, No Motivation, and a Dollar?

If so, the Unfuck Your Habitat app for iPhone and iPad* is on sale this weekend for only 99ยข!

Let’s be honest. You’re sitting on your couch or in bed right now, with no intention of tackling that pile of dishes in the sink or making any progress on the floordrobe. But 5, 10, or 20 minute challenges, along with a customizable to-do list, a 20/10 timer (20 minutes of work earns you a ten minute break!), and random shouty motivation can get you on your way to living like what could conceivably pass for a grown-up in a real home. Even if your home is a dorm room, one room in a shared apartment, or the basement at Mom and Dad’s. Come on, you deserve better than to live in filth. You know you do.

[app url=”″]

*The Android version is in the works. I promise.

7 replies on “Do You Have a Messy House, No Motivation, and a Dollar?”

Oh dear. I needed to see this right now. I am literally in bed and when I went to put my phone on the charger I saw my ‘floordrobe’ (new favorite word) that is so much worse than usual (the couch, dining table, bathroom and top of w/d have been consumed) due to a week of stress, interviews and insanity. I am getting this app today. My house deserves better! *I* deserves better! Thanks PoM!

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