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Fall Bracket II: Top 32 Revealed

Wanna know who won last week? It’s after the cut. 

Day One

Lisa Simpson beat Hilary Banks

Lindsay Weir beat Betty Suarez

Karen Walker beat Charlotte “Chuck” Charles

Leela beat Julia Sugarbaker (!?!?!?!)

Veronica Mars beat Cameron

Angela Chase beat Brenda Walsh

The Dowager Countess beat Nyota Uhura

Pam beat Penelope Garcia

Day Two

Phoebe Buffay beat Jess

Lucy Ricardo beat Clarissa Darling

Liz Lemon beat Lois

Carla Espinoza (barely) beat Ellen

Cordelia Chase beat Virginia Lewis

Gabrielle beat Caroline Forbes

Zoe Washburne beat Lisa Cuddy

Jessica Fletcher beat Bones

Day Three

Miss Piggy beat Georgia Lass

Topanga beat Amy Farrah Fowler

The Goddamned Golden Girls beat Murphy Brown

Patsy and Edina beat Robin Scherbatsky

Arya Stark beat Nina Pickering

Echo beat Kelly

Donna Noble beat Sun-Hwa Kwon

Miranda Bailey (barely) beat Olivia Benson

Day Four

Annie beat Alex Mack

Darlene Conner (barely) beat April Ludgate

The Women of SNL beat Kitty Forman

Clair Huxtable (barely) beat Ms. Valerie Frizzle

Peggy Olson (soundly) beat Felicity

Claire Fischer beat Blair Waldorf

Lorelei Gilmore beat Kate Beckett

CJ Cregg (barely) beat Dana Scully

Check out the updated bracket here! The dates are one day off, we’ll start polls again tomorrow in this slot.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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NOOOOO ROBIN!  My amazing, unashamedly child-free, ambitious, successful, scotch-swilling, gun-toting, dog-owning heroine is already gone!  I hate to say this Persephoneers, but we’re in a fight.  Not a big one (I’m reserving that for if Zoe goes down,) but a fight.

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