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Fall Bracket II: Voting Day Two

We’ve got eight polls again today, make sure your #2 pencils are figuratively sharpened. 

The results of all the polls this week will be announced on Monday, September 10, in this time slot.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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10 replies on “Fall Bracket II: Voting Day Two”

Fix that.  Please.  For your own sake.  I resisted Buffy (and Firefly!) for so long for being overrated, and assumed that it was just some dumb teen drama, but it is SO much more than that, and I honestly think most people, especially lady people (due to the badassness of ALL the lady characters) would like it if they would give it a chance and get in to it.  It definitely picks up in the second season, but the first season is good too.

But seriously, there’s a reason I’m so VERY in love with Whedon shows and characters – they really are great.

CORDY AND ZOE!  Yes, I like my Whedon women, and these are two of the BEST.  Especially Zoe.  i mean, in the category of BADASS ladies of television, she pretty much takes the cake.  She’s a war veteran.  She can shoot.  She can punch.  She can make the snarkiest of snarky comments.  She’s full of bravery and loyalty and integrity and dry, sarcastic humor.  VOTE FOR ZOE EVERYONE.

But seriously, vote for Cordy too, because she is WAY underrated.  For having no special powers whatsoever, she sure kicks some ass on Buffy.  And she kicks even more ass on Angel.  So…vote for her too.  Unless it comes down to her and Zoe.  Then vote for Zoe (for all of the above reasons.)

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