Food Blog Fun Times!

I spent the past week travelling, as some of you may have guessed from my, erm, impassioned (yes, that’ll work) rant about food options in airports.

Due to the travel, I was unable to spend my time futzing around with recipes and cooking new things to post here. I was, however, able to spend a lot of time on food blogs looking for new recipes that I absolutely must try. So today I have five recipes for you from food blogs across the whole, wide Internet. Ideally, I would make them all immediately tonight, but would almost certainly lead to a sugar high of epic and dangerous proportions. I will report back, though, with ratings on a 6 point scale. I would love to hear your ratings, too, if you decide to try your hand at these eats.

Up first is a curried lentil chard with roasted potatoes. It looks like a pretty hearty meal, which isn’t necessarily what I want in the summer time, but with all the rain and weird cool winds we’ve been getting here lately, I don’t know, it seems to fit. Also, I absolutely adore chard and think it should be included in everything, even ice cream (haha no I am kidding on that, Ben and Jerry, please do not make a Prince Chard-ing ice cream with chard and nougat or whatever).

Next is another dish that hurries us to autumn, and honestly, if y’all’s tumblr and other posts were any indication, at least 87.45% of you are completely and fully ready to embrace a new season. This masala mushroom bhuna sounds just perfect for a cool evening meal. The mushrooms and spices are totally enticing and as an active soul, I love the idea of constantly stirring for fifteen minutes. Finally! Something useful to do with my fidgety hands.

I have no idea how to segue here because I am too distracted by the thought of fried breads covered in garlic butter or cheese or sour cream. Just for the record, I plan to go the garlic route. It is possible to eat too much garlic (no, really, too much causes gastro-intestinal distress, which is no joke) but it is awfully hard to do so. Anyway, these bits of heaven are  called langos and they’re a traditional Hungarian street food, so you know it has to be good. Just warm, fried bits of dough covered in savory toppings”¦ah I am getting too hungry to write in complete sentences. Super-villains, please do not take advantage of my weakness for fried dough products.

Do you like mojitos and cake and wish there was a way to combine the two? If you answered yes to this question (and who would answer no? Show yourselves!) then this recipe for mojito inspired vegan cupcakes is for you. I, of course, would suggest drinking a mojito while making these cupcakes to truly capture the essence of the dish. What was it Julia Child or W. C. Fields once said? I love to cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to food.

Lastly, if turning on a stove and adding more heat to your already sweltering life brings tears to your eyes , then these no bake peanut butter chocolate cookies might be the way to go. I plan on making these basically immediately. I need more chocolate and peanut butter in my life. I have a chocolate and peanut butter deficiency. The doctors say if I don’t get some chocolate and peanut butter immediately, I might shrivel up and turn into a newt and who knows if I’ll get better.

Let me know if you try any of these, or if you’ve made similar things in the past. On my end, I will be sure to report back my findings. Onwards to food! And the weekend!

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