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Lunchtime Poll: Greatest Birthday Memory

As my birthday draws closer, I sit back and tiptoe down memory lane. On my tenth birthday, my parents surprised me with a party at Burger King. All my friends were there before I arrived. As we walked in, I saw my best friend walking toward the bathroom and yelled “Hi!” but she didn’t respond. It bothered me, but Dad made me shake it off and keep walking (for good reason). Jenny was trying to pretend I didn’t see her. I walked into the classic “Surprise!” My party was wonderful.

On my sixteenth birthday, my family, including one grandmother, took me to dinner and a movie. We had a wonderful time, and the movie City Slickers entertained us with laughter, but all I could do is whine about not having presents. I wish I had been more appreciative and understanding about what I did have, not worrying about what I didn’t get.

What birthday memories stand out for you?

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When I turned 14 or 15 my dad got me a flying lesson. He owned a small twin-engine Cessna and I got to go up with an instructor. It was so cool. I couldn’t steer for shit on the ground since you have to use the foot pedals to control the wheels, but going up in the air was a blast. The instructor took care of the landing, mercifully; there’s a not much room for error on that.

One of my greatest birthday memories is when I was turning 14. I had just gone to a month-long sleep away camp (literally, my birthday was the first full day of camp) and my counselor made a cake and we all went out on a raft on the lake and looked up at the stars, and then jumped into the lake with all our clothes on. :) that was fun.

Another one was when my dad made me visit my grandparents for my birthday, and originally I didn’t want to because they lived in a small apartment and it smelled bad. That was the time my grandpa thought he broke his back so we spent all day and into the night waiting at the ER. But the next day we went into NYC and I got to see Vanessa Williams in “Into the Woods” on Broadway. :)

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