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Have Yourself a Pop Culture Halloween

This Halloween, it will be the first time in five years that I’ve worked in an office and can get all crazy with a costume. Despite the fact that we still have more than a month until the big day, I already have begun doing some research on what I am sure will be the best costume ever. 

Because pop culture costumes can be so much fun, I’m most likely going to go in that direction. I started looking for ideas on Pinterest, and found a photo of two girls with big hair wearing tiaras and sashes, pacifiers in their mouths. They were Toddlers & Tiaras, which I found humorous and actually a rather easy costume to cobble together.

I then Googled “Pop Culture Halloween Costumes 2012,” and found this list over on Philadelphia’s CBS station website. The list actually came from, and their number one costume is Tan Mom, who I frankly forgot even existed. Since that’s dangerously close to wearing brown face, skip that one. Another suggestion is the cast of Girls, which is so boring and uninspired that I was left wondering whether I should read the rest of this list. Basically, wear what you would wear anyway, whine about not having any money, and avoid anyone who isn’t white. Got it.

Big Ang from Mob Wives and her self-titled spin-off is on there, and that would be an awesome choice thanks to her over-the-top look. Get a long black wig, put on a ton of makeup (make sure lots of glitter is involved), wear a tiny dress and bam! You’re Big Ang. It’s probably too extreme for me to wear to work, but it would be a riot to go out and buy all of the necessary pieces. The same goes for Snooki: wear something leopard print, get your hair as high as can be, carry a baby doll, and you’re good to go.

One of their suggestions that I did love was going as Pinterest, since part of my job is running our account, and all I would have to do is pin a bunch of pictures to myself. I’ve already been told that my office reminds people of Pinterest (I have a giant bulletin board crammed with photos, posters, postcards, etc.), so why not just move it onto myself?

What current pop culture costume do you think would be a hit? Feel free to share your costume ideas here – and don’t worry, if I copycat your amazing concept, I will give you credit!

By Catherine

Catherine is a Southern California based freelance writer, whose work has appeared in everything from the New York Times to Entertainment Weekly. The highlight of her life (so far) was being featured on MSNBC for a story she wrote on Hello Kitty wines...she knew one day her love of all things HK would come in handy.

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Oh, I love the Pinterest idea! You should totally do it!

I’m not sure what all costumes I”ll do, but when I do stuff with my niece I’m doing Donna Noble and she’s wanting to do a baby Adipose (She calls them baby aliens). I figure making her  costume should be easy if I can find some tan foam. :)

I need one for my aunt’s Jazz funeral themed halloween/birthday party though. No idea what I should do for that one.

I love the theme for your aunt’s party! And I was going to go with Pinterest until I found out we can just have costumes that involve our faces and heads (so like, we can paint our faces and wear hats and stuff but that’s about it, which is kinda boring!).

I used to have a coworker who looked enough like me that people constantly mixed us; we thought about dressing up as the Olsen twins a few years ago but we wound up not being able to coordinate it. I have a feeling lots of people will go as “Gangnam style” since it’s a pretty easy outfit to throw together. I don’t know if the election will inspire many costumes this time around; Sarah Palin was so popular four years ago but it’s harder to dress up as any of the current candidates.

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