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Ladyghosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica: 4.05: “The Road Less Traveled”

We’re very much in the home stretch of Battlestar Galactica! Getting closer to Earth every day! Previously on Battlestar Galactica, Adama sends Helo and Kara to go find a way to Earth; the crew aboard the Demetrius (Kara’s ship) is getting restless; the rebel Cylon ship (full of Sixes and Eights) is under attack from other Cylons with no resurrection ship nearby; TORY AIRLOCKS CALLY (oh, for the halycon days of Cally shooting Boomer), Baltar’s not a priest, but God loves everyone because they’re perfect.

Kara's face - her eyes are wild and her hair hangs in her face. She looks desperate.
Starbuck needs to take a nap. Or three.

Whoa – it’s been nearly two months that the Demetrius has been on its mission, and Kara’s trying to paint her way to a solution. Girl doesn’t look good. Helo shows up, he wants to talk about rendezvousing with the fleet. Kara doesn’t care, she wants to make a third pass of a region they’ve already been through. Kara hasn’t been sleeping, apparently, and its clear Helo’s worried about her. Kara decides to go fly a cap (what is? C-something Air Patrol?), which isn’t something she’s done in awhile.

Baltar, wearing some sort of robe, and looking enlightened.
Oh dear. Baltar got religion.

Meanwhile, people are coming to Baltar for answers as to why their loved ones were killed during the initial attacks. There’s a woman who’s angry at the gods for standing by and letting the attacks happen. Baltar hugs her, says he’s sorry for her, and then starts speaking into some sort of microphone. He tells everyone that the gods they’ve been praying to for thousands of years don’t exist – this is getting recorded, and apparently broadcast. Tyrol, jumping rope (and he’s shaved his head) is apparently listening to it, until we find out that Nicky apparently only stops crying when Baltar’s on the radio.

Athena and Helo, on the Demetrius.
The Agathons!

On the Demetrius, Athena questions Helo about just obeying Starbuck’s orders – she thinks Starbuck’s just dragging her feet about going back. The crew in general is fed up, and surprised Starbuck’s going out in a Viper. Starbuck keeps saying, “Come on, I know you’re out there somewhere” – and indeed, we’ve got a Cylon heavy raider! It seems to be damaged (injured? Are the heavy Raiders alive too?), Hotdog’s asking Starbuck for orders, she’s not giving any. It’s Leoben. (Possibly inside her head? – nope! Everyone can hear him.) He’s there to offer a truce between Cylon and human, and a chance for her to complete her journey (whatever the hell that may be).



Leoben, his teeth are bared. The back of Starbuck's head is on the left side of the screen.
I don’t like this motherfrakker.

So the Heavy Raider docks with the Demetrius, and it’s just the one Leoben on board. It seems the Raider is both dead and not full of nukes. Leoben’s being the same vaguely-prophetic asshole he always is. Kara wants to know why she’s here, he starts yelling about a blue planet surrounded by clouds. Leoben says Kara needs to talk to the Hybrid. Helo tries to be protective of Kara, but she orders Leoben to be taken to her quarters – all of the crew looks enraged/aghast/etc.

For reasons defying logic, Galen and Tory meet in the airlock where Cally was killed. Galen tells us that Cottle informed him that Cally was on a bunch of anti-depressants. He says that Cally would’ve left him, she never would have left Nicky behind. Tory says he’s got to let it go. Then she changes course, and asks what if Cally knew – what if it was God’s will that Cally should die? What if Cally’s death was for the best? Tory says that she’s here for him, that she was in the same place that he is, but Baltar helped her. Tyrol says that she spends too much time with Baltar.

Sam stands over a crouching Leoben.
Why doesn’t this former sanitation truck have a proper jail!?

Sam comes back to Demetrius, wants to know what’s going on, Helo updates him, and then goes into Starbuck’s quarters, where she and Leoben are standing together, both holding onto the same paintbrush, and Leoben has his hand on her hip. Helo flips (JUSTIFIABLY) and pushes Leoben away, and Kara gets angry. Helo orders Leoben locked in storage, Leoben says there isn’t much time. Helo asks why Starbuck believes Leoben, why she thinks he’s going to help. In whatever passes for prison, Sam questions Leoben. Leoben apparently just wants Kara to understand and accept her destiny. LET US REMEMBER THAT SAM IS A CYLON. Leoben says that Sam is going through the same thing – he used to be a pyramid player, but was just waiting for his own moment of clarity. This causes Sam to pull his gun on Leoben, and Leoben says that if he dies, Kara’s destiny dies too, and also, they’re out of resurrection range. Because, oh yeah, there’s a war between the Cylons. Leoben again talks of an alliance – Kara gets to talk to the hybrid, the rebel baseship gets protection from Galactica, everything’s lovely. Sam presents this idea to everyone else, and no one’s really supportive of the idea. Athena says that they’re running on fumes, are overdue to meet back up with the fleet, and something’s gotta be done. Helo tells Athena to stop sounding mutinous,  Starbuck shows up and says they’re meeting with the rebel Base ship.

Tyrol stands in a crowd. Tigh's head is visible over his shoulder.
Did anyone else not notice Tigh at first?!

Tory and Baltar are post-coital again, and Baltar inquires as to whether the president is aware of his broadcasts. Tory says that yes, she told her all about them, but he’s not worth another battle in the Quorum, and besides, he’s only attracting people on the fringes. Tyrol goes to listen to Baltar, and Tigh shows up and pulls him away, to give him some tough love. Tigh says he needs to suck it up and get over Cally’s death. Tyrol throws the fact that Tigh’s been spending an awful lot of time with Caprica Six in the brig back at him, and Tigh says he stands by his choices. Tyrol says that if there is a god, he’s laughing his ass off.

On the Demetrius, Mathias was inspecting the Cylon Heavy Raider for tracking devices, and while she’s looking at a crack in the ship, the damn thing explodes, sending her off into explodey space. Bye, Mathias.

Baltar and Tyrol, head-to-head.
Baltar, maybe start with a smaller fish?

Baltar is so smug, I literally can’t even. I don’t know if he believes what he’s saying, or is just in it for the power and protection? Anyway, he calls out Tyrol in the crowd, asks him to come and shake hands, and tells him that Cally would have wanted him to do so. (YOU PRESUMPTIVE FUCK.) Tyrol says that there are some sins that even Baltar’s god cannot forgive. Baltar again asks Tyrol to take his hand, invoking Cally. Tyrol instead throttles him, screams that Baltar didn’t know her, and walks away. Tyrol goes to his room, throws some things around, takes out a gun and puts it to his temple, yells, and then sees a photo of Cally and Nicky.

Closeup on Kara - she looks sad and scared.
Oh BB.

Somewhere else, Starbuck beats up Leoben, because Mathias is dead and she doesn’t trust him anymore. She thinks it was a setup. Leoben urges her to kill him, for good this time – she stops, and all of a sudden looks so lost and scared. She asks what Leoben’s doing to her. Leoben says that she’s not the same person she once was, and that she has to make piece with her past. He also says she’s an angel, blazing with the light of god.

The crew all says this is really bad. Also, is Starbuck still Starbuck? She keeps walking in on these conversations. And then she has to say a memorial service for Sgt. Mathias. Starbuck claims responsibility, and then goes on to talk about how senseless death in war is. She also says she knows the mission’s been difficult and maybe she hasn’t – she doesn’t say what. Gaeta tells her that they’ve loaded the coordinates to return to the fleet, Starbuck says no, they’re jumping to the Cylon baseship.

Someone snaps. His name is Pike? Do we know him? He says they’re all going to die, and Helo gets all up in his face. Pike says that of course Helo would protect a Cylon, and for that he gets punched hard in the gut.

Baltar in a hoodie, in Tyrol's quarters.
I am confused by the concept of humble Baltar.

Tyrol’s in his bunk, looking at old photos, and Baltar comes to visit. (WHERE IS NICKY?) Baltar opens with a surprisingly humble apology. He then starts talking about himself. (SHOCKING.) He says that he started as a man of logic, and now faith has changed him, because people learn and evolve. He also says he has committed unconscionable crimes, and has been offered one last chance at redemption – based on the music, I think we’re supposed to think this is sincere of him? Baltar says he’s sorry for Tyrol’s loss, and he wished he knew Cally better. Tyrol, who hasn’t said a thing this entire time, offers Baltar his hand.

Helo, Athena, Gaeta, Sam and Starbuck stand around a table, in a confrontation.
This is not going to end well.

At Demetrius’s bridge, Gaeta’s setting conditions for the jump, and Athena questions Helo as to whether he’s really going to do this or not. He says he has no choice. Starbuck shows up, and both Gaeta and Helo argue for a jump back to Galactica. Starbuck says Helo shouldn’t do this, and orders him to prepare to jump to the base ship. Helo counters with, well, mutiny. Starbuck relieves him of second-in-command, promotes Gaeta, who also refuses to follow orders. Sam’s on Starbuck’s side, but Helo officially relieves Starbuck of command.



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