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Lunchtime Poll: Besties

I met my best friend the first day of eighth grade. My family had moved a few months before, and I had to change schools. I was terrified. But in typing class, I met a girl who became one of the constants in my life for the next 20 years (which makes me feel a little old saying that). 

So, my lovelies, how did you meet your BFFs?

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I have 2 BFF’s, and I can’t imagine my life without either of them. The first is a guy I met volunteering when we were 14. We hung out all the time, I had a MAJOR crush on him, but he was secretly struggling with accepting that he is gay. We have now known each other for 20 years, and neither of us can believe we’re old enough to have known each other that long. He is still my best friend, and we can go months without talking and pick up exactly where we left off. No more crushes, obviously, but I love him dearly.

My other BFF came about thanks to BFF#1. I was in my mid-20’s and lamenting the fact that I didn’t have any female friends. One day I asked him if he knew anyone I’d get along with and if he would set us up. A few weeks later he introduced me to his new girlfriend who immediately said “you need to meet my friend B!” We were introduced at a party (she was drunk, I was socially awkward), but became instant friends. That was almost 10 years ago.

My bestie and I met on the school bus in 3rd grade. We had another very good mutual friend, who introduced us. Three tiny little girls squeezed onto one bus seat…that’s how we met. The mutual friend ended up going to a private school for middle school, but my bestie and I were the only 2 people from our elementary school in our middle school class (we didn’t change classes).  Still my best friend :)

I went to a private high school so there was no bus to take me home and since I didn’t have a car, I was stuck at school for a few hours until someone could pick me up. There was a room set aside for those of us who were in the same position. I met my bestie there. We started chatting about anime and other nerdy stuff and have been friends for something like 12 years now.

I am on my way to see one of my very bestest friends right now.  (Yay long airport layovers!)  I had just moved to a tiny town where everybody knew everybody else, and the teachers had had peoples’ parents as students.  Needless to say, my chances of making friends was slim to none.  So I saw a girl reading Tamora Pierce and asked her about it at lunch.  I had no idea that the Lioness quartet was, in fact, a quartet.  I thought it was a single novel!  My alarms were going off that if I became friends with the “weird girl”, though, I would not have any other friends.  (I was eleven.  I wasn’t the deep, dignified soul I am now.)  Nevertheless, despite my best efforts, she was determined that we would be friends.  And we were.  And eventually, between the two of us, we had lots of friends.  And now, almost exactly fourteen years later, I’m on my way to New Jersey for a week to see her where we will celebrate the glory of the Oxford Comma!  (Thank God she had the good sense I didn’t back then.)

My junior high had very strict rules about not moving chairs to seat more than six people at a lunch table. One day I was late to lunch and wound up not having a seat, so I sat at the table behind my usual table and started talking to these two crazy girls who happened to be reading the same book I was. And Bam! Friends for life. Or at least the last 13 years.

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