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Lunchtime Poll: Brinner

Brinner: breakfast for dinner. One of the fun parts of being an adult is that if you want French toast or pancakes for dinner, you can have it! Last night, it was a comfort food sort of night, and my feelings told me to make French toast and serve it with a reduction of mixed berries (throw berries in a pot, add sugar and OJ, simmer until it thickens), bacon, and butter pecan ice cream.

This leads me to today’s question: What is your favorite thing to have for brinner?

By [E]queSarahSarah

Part-time artist, full-time crankypants who dabbles in knitting, running, and burpees.

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The day before my final exams, I make a big batch of chocolate chip cinnamon pancakes and eat them all day long with peanut butter and milk. But for a normal brinner, I’m all about omelets and breakfast burritos. Both with lots of cheese, veggies, and usually salsa and sriracha.

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