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Lunchtime Poll: Musical Firsts

OK, people: What was the first album you bought with your own money, and how old were you?

Mine was The Bangles’ Different Light, I was eight, and I wore the tape out until it wouldn’t rewind anymore.

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I can’t remember what cassette I first bought with my own money because I could usually talk my dad into buying me new music then, for good report cards and whatnot. But I DO remember the first CD I bought with my own money– Garbage’s first (self-titled) album. I was 13. The mid-90s were a bit late to finally start using CDs and I’m still happily using them now, but I’m delightfully dino.

Shaun Cassidy, whatever that first album was.  He was also the first concert I went to – I was 14, don’t judge.  *lol*

The next concert I attended was 4 years later, Van Halen’s “Jump” tour.  Wow….talk about a difference!  :-D

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