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Lunchtime Poll: Truth or Dare with a Day Off

You don’t have a day off for a while. That’s not until Thanksgiving, so let’s try this little truth or dare.

Truth: What’s a recurring dream you have? When I’m stressed, I have dreams that bugs are in my bed. It sucks.

Dare: Call in sick. Take a day off and do nothing practical. Go to the movies, have brunch, go for a hike: if you lift a finger to clean, you haven’t done the dare.

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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It depends on what I am stressed out about. If I have taken on too many responsibilities, I have action adventure dreams where I have to save the world. If I am stressed out about things out of my control, I have dreams about infestations of bugs or snakes or lizards.

I did the dare last Saturday. I was pretty sick, but still. Cleaned up half of my DVR collection of series, films and documentaries.

Truth: my only recurring dreams are nightmares, sadly. Although I have recurring elements in every dream. But .. driving towards a canyon in a car while I’m in the passenger’s seat and there is no steering wheel and I can’t get out.

Truth: I have a recurring dream where I’m going to school in a huge castle like building. Somewhere in the dream there will be a huge pit with a stone staircase spiraling down into it. If I go down the stairs, there will either be no bottom or the spiral will narrow down into a point.

Truth: lately I have recurring dreams of having breakdowns and just crying helplessly. The reasons vary, the feeling of frustration and deep despair is the same. For example I’ve been putting effort into redecorating for a solid month now, and yesterday dreamt of all the work I’d done falling apart, paint peeling, etc., and the prospect of it ever getting finished sliding out of view. I guess work and life worries piling up is the obvious reason behind this, but it still sucks.

The other recurring motifs that I’ve been getting since high school are trying to escape something/someone in a big labyrinthine building or several (sometimes this variety becomes lucid and I can force extra doors to appear or fly away), also an obvious allegory to stressful life situations, and trying to get home, but the streets and houses, etc., are all wrong, so I can’t make it. And the most common and annoying of all: dreaming of needing to pee, looking for a bathroom, and only finding ones that are unusable or lack any kind of privacy. It won’t stop unless I get up and go in waking life.

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