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New Show Recap: Parenthood, Episode 4.2, “Left Field”

This week, things come at the Bravermans in all directions, but let’s sum it up by the episode name, “Left Field.” Breakups, puppies, calendar apps, trust and illness all stop by unexpectedly this week.

Crosby and the Calendar App

Jasmine angrily walks away from a confused Crosby
Crosby, uh, dude, YOU FORGOT YOUR KID.

Last week, we saw Crosby and Jasmine behave like even-tempered spouses. This week, they were back their old arguments and expectations. What came out of left field? Not only did Crosby sync their calendars (after ribbing Adam about his calendar) to help with the problem BUT Jasmine appreciated it. Forgetting your kid at school will do that to a man.


Drew and the Break Up

Drew and Amy sitting in his car.
Really Amy, the first day of school? That’s just rude.

This really wasn’t out of left field, Drew felt it coming when Amy got home from camp. But Amy did drop the “I’m breaking up with you” on the first day of senior year. Really, Amy? You couldn’t have given him a day or two to recover before school started. Really? Sarah, who seems more interested in Drew now that she’s secure in her relationship with Mark and Amber isn’t up to anything interesting, is rather devastated. As Hank overhears the situation, Sarah’s concerned with his off-the-cuff advice (Sleep with her best friend!). When Drew does stop by the studio, though, Hank has a very appropriate conversation with him about it, in kind of a fatherly way. (Is this foreshadowing? It better not be foreshadowing)


Julia and the Very Long Day

Joel kisses the top of Julia's head while hugging her on the couch.
Joel wins calmest, kindest, most patient man ever award. Hands down.

In Julia and Joel’s world, things don’t appear, at first, to be getting better with Victor. He finagles out of the first two days of school playing sick, but on the third day, Julia insists. As she’s getting honked at in carline (nice touch of reality, NBC), she has a moment. She volunteers to sit there, at school, all day. This seems to put Victor at ease, and when he catches sight of her during the school day, he seems pleasantly surprised that she’s followed through. With any luck, this will help their relationship.


Adam and the Puppy That Looks Like Haddie and more Bad News

Adam and Kristina sit on the floor looking at each other. The baby sits in her lap.
Rule #1, Don’t Tell Max Anything Unless It’s a Sure Thing
Rule #2, Don’t Leave Each Other Once Max Realizes a Sure Thing Isn’t a Sure Thing

Adam and Kristina are still adjusting to life at home without Haddie. Kristina’s latest ploy is to get a puppy, and over the course of the episode, she manages (with Max’s help) to wear Adam down. As usual, his house is full of stress and talking, and this week it really grated on my nerves – I’m sure those scenes are designed to do just that. Anyway, both Adam and Kristina admit to really missing Haddie, and not knowing exactly what to do. They are in a good place with each other, finally, when the last few minutes of the show bring them something more out of left field than a new puppy.

In the last few minutes, sans dialogue, with Iron and Wine’s “Naked as We Came” playing eerily in the background, Kristina has a mammogram and a conversation with the doctor by herself (Adam is with the kids, picking out the puppy). She meets them, Max and Nora mooning over the puppy, Adam staring at her. What really came out of left field this episode is that Kristina has breast cancer.

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Crosby as something more than the man-child takes a little getting used to, but I’m glad he’s evolving!

I don’t know about Hank. I don’t like that he’s a potential love interest, but it seems kind of far out if  that’s the way it’s heading. I mean, just because she works with him doesn’t mean she has to have a romantic interest in him.

I had never heard the song “Naked as We Came” and so the lyrics were really haunting and made that last bit even harder to watch than it should have been. I agree- DO NOT WANT.

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