News Appetizers: Hey, This Ain’t So Bad

Kittens and poodles, mittens and doodles – rejoice. This is a news week that is looking on the bright side.

I know, I know – coming here can be like a one way trip to Negative Nancy Town, with a stop in What the Fuckville for sure. The news, she is a beast. A sad, depressing beast. But you know what? Sometimes the news, she can surprise us. So this week, rather than starting off with the worst, I’m kicking off with the best. Won’t you join us for this rare reverie, this tiptoe through the media tulips? ‘Cause babies, it’s almost officially election season, and it’s only gonna get worse. Enjoy the reprieve while you still can.

The Democratic National Convention kicked off this week in Charlotte, North Carolina. And with the DNC, comes DNC highlights!

I mean, wow, boodles. After that, are you sure you want to look at what else is going on? Really? I suppose that’s part of the job description here. So here’s a quick run-through of the rest of the world:

On Wednesday, there was a shooting at the separatist Parti Québécois victory dinner, followed immediately by a fire bombing. The NY Times reports that “The shooting… appeared to be related to the gunman’s dissatisfaction with laws requiring the use of French in Quebec.” The party has been working towards making Quebec separate from Canada. (NY Times)

“More than 100 miners were held in a South African jail after being charged last week, under an obscure apartheid-era security law, with murdering their fellow miners, despite video of the incident clearly showing it was police who fired on the strikers.” (Al Jazeera)

At least 58 people are confirmed dead after a boat carrying more than 100 refugees sank off the Turkish coast. Al Jazeera reported that “some of the 48 immigrants who swam to the shore told rescue officials that they were attempting to make their way to the United Kingdom… and survivors said several people had been trapped below the deck of the submerged vessel”. (Al Jazeera)

RIP Shulamith Firestone. (In These Times)

‘Til next time, poodles”¦

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