News Appetizers Want to Go Far, Far Away

They might not rhyme this week, but they sure will give you your weekly dose of feeling like getting in the car and driving as far as you can to write poetry, because really, having a job isn’t making you much more money anyway.

Iran’s probably making the bomb, and Netanyahu wants none of it, so he made a chart. With a timeline. Because that’ll show ’em! NYTimes

People are getting less poor, only more slowly than everyone thought. NYTimes

There was water on Mars! Must mean aliens… NPR

Mexico captures a major drug boss for the Zetas. My hopes for this halting some of the violence are slim. We need to end the war on drugs for that to happen. Al Jazeera

1 in 5 households are burdened with student debt. I’m started to get the feeling that the game is rigged. LATimes

The government forgot to count about 400,000 new jobs. Turns out we’re not as poor as we thought! Woo! Slate

San Diego is about the build the hemisphere’s largest desalination plant. I include this because this is your weekly reminder that there’s water, water everywhere but not a drop to spare. Salon

What stories have caught your eye?

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Think about it like this, too: in the US, only 1 in 3 people graduate from college.

So, when the article says this:

Among households headed by someone younger than age 35, four in 10 have student debt on the books.

…To me that seems to mean that just about everyone in the US who goes to college ends up with debt. As well as the people who drop out. And it’s likely a LOT of debt.

My twitter feed enlightened me to the reality of Hugo Schwyzer and that he is not only allowed to post through feminist sites but he is also embraced by many feminists. After reading more about him, I had a lot of rage. So then I read about educational theory for awhile instead. Has anyone else heard about this guy before? If so, what are your thoughts?

Also, I can’t remember if this news story was mentioned yet on P-Mag, but have you guys heard about the Turkish woman who decapitated her rapist after shooting him ten times? It’s a heartbreaking story.

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