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Persephone Lounge is Open for Business: Open Thread for 9/20/12

Seriously, I’m pretty sure this week is never going to end.

I have work drama, life drama, I’ve had a cold for three weeks, and I can’t even properly enjoy ice cream. So come on in and cheer me up. Tell me something funny. Or interesting. Or whatever. I have time.

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There’s a Beasts of the Southern Wild screening tonight, but I have too much work to do. OTL

OTOH, if I do finally finish that damn essay, I will feel accomplished and I’d like that; and also, it would be fantastic to not have to make up more excuses over being tardy when I see my boss on Wednesday.

geez. I am exhausted. I feel like I don’t have the energy to do ANYTHING because I’ve been doing field work all week, which also means I haven’t been getting most of my regular lab/school work done. So now I’m exhausted and behind and all I want to do is curl up on the couch with tea and popcorn. Except that I have SO  MUCH planned for this weekend including a friend’s surprise birthday all tonight (with more people than I want to see), and a music fest Sat/Sun (with more people than I want to deal with) and camping pretty much each night in between.

Usually, I love all those things. Right now:


I’m getting that warm, comfy feeling you get when you start to fall in love with a TV show: this time it’s Firefly.

In other news, on Sunday me and my new(ish) boyfriend are going to try our hand at this here acting thing. It’ll be hilariously rubbish, based on some videos I’ve seen, but that’s where the good part is.

No Oscar?


PNC Bank is on my shit list this week. I tried using their mobile deposit feature on my phone because it’s the future! The deposit was pending then disappeared so I went to the actual branch and deposited the check in my other account and told the teller about the mobile deposit. Lo and behold, the check went through on BOTH accounts.

(next few sentence should be read in one breath) Then it was pending withdrawal on one of the accounts. Then that pending withdrawal disappeared and I called and was like “hey, take this money. it’s not mine”. Then they said it would processed by the next day and today, the money is again withdrawal pending. TWICE. Which overdrew my account. So instead of the $130 I SHOULD have, I have -$200. So unless it’s fixed itself by 7am tomorrow morning, I have to call and freak out at them. Because they are def going to try and make me pay an overdraft fee. In which case I will throw a giant fuck you their way.

In (much!) better news, I won a blog giveaway and am getting $300 worth of cat toys/stuff/supplies for my cats. And they are also sending the same package to a shelter of my choice. Yahoo!

You could try improperly enjoying ice cream! (Damn, the gif I was gonna post is too big. It’s the first one here. Way to kill the joke, Hillary.)

Also, I saw a cat today that I thought was really ugly until I got closer and realized it was a fox, not a cat. And I’ve been thinking it was Friday all day. I’m so confused as to the days of the week right now.

Re: the foxcat. I did the same thing a few years ago. I was walking home from a night class and thought I saw a cat on the porch of a house I was passing by. At the time I was living in an area of Philly that has lots of stray cats running around so I was like ‘ooooh kitty!’ I got super close to it and realized that it was an opossum. Def not a cat. And they are super scary up close.

A few months ago I thought there was a cat at the window directly behind my bed where there’s a fire escape/ledge area. It was a raccoon.


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