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Persephone Lounge is Open For Business: OT for 9/27/12

Happy Thursday, Persephoneers! 

Tell me about your week! The most interesting thing that’s happened to me so far is that one of my dogs decided she wanted to be a Persephone editor and so she stood on my laptop and wrote a post. It was pretty profound.

How about you? Clever pets? Good stories?

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Clever pets and good stories? Well, I think Juniper Puss has finally managed to lay claim to every single blanket and duvet in this house. And today is the end of term. So huzzah for the tattie holidays. Plus, The Casual Vacancy arrived yesterday and fingers crossed, that will be an awesome story.

Oh goodness. I have spent far too much time shopping online this morning. Part of it was simple: waterproof trousers for Juniper Junior and cat litter for Juniper Puss. Part of it was not simple: a new wallet. All I wanted was a nice, lovely wallet. And it ended up taking what felt like hours before finding one that was reasonable in both construction/function/price. Although the price still doesn’t feel all the reasonable, I have to admit. Ungh.

Anyone watch the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy? I won’t spoil anything but there was lots of gross sobbing going down at my apartment.

So I have the next 72 hours off! Which never happens! (like ever. at most I get MAYBE a day off at a time). My plans are to go to the bank, cash in my jar o coins, go to the DMV (ugh) and get my license transferred from my home state (after 4 years of living in my current one..whoops), GO THRIFT STORE SHOPPING!, get some writing done, and take lots and lots of naps.

And for no reason whatsoever, here is Frowny Cat:

I think I have figured out my class.  Teaching 3 grades really puts a tweak to the routines  and how things are done.  Still working on it but I am closer to having it figured out that before. They really need a pill for the guy, but then would they take it????

So, I happened to read about a “relationship” that supposedly exists between 24 tear old Zhang Muyi and 12 year old Akama Miki.

It disturbs me how many people are supportive of this, based on comments on the Huffington Post article. I just….ugh. I want to rant, but I have no words.

There are rumours that this is some kind of bad-taste publicity stunt, which is just as disturbing. In what world is the sexualisation of a child a marketing tool? Horrible.

So our kitchen (i.e. my parents’ kitchen) is currently undergoing a long-overdue renovation. Which basically means that we had to replace all our cabinets, countertops, tiling and dishwasher as well. We also need to do painting and hook up our washing machine and dryer again (after this is all over). So we have been eating in our living room, off the ottoman, for almost a week. We just regained the use of our stove, so now we are finally eating homecooked meals again as opposed to take-out. Unfortunately, we still have to go to the laundromat instead of doing laundry at home. This SUCKS and cannot be over fast enough! And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also Shark Week for me. I just hope it’s all gonna be worth it. I swear though, if I never have to hear the sound of power tools again, it’ll be too soon for me.

I had an IUD last year. I also bled for about 275 days last year. I got it taken out this February and switched back to pills. I am STILL bleeding way too much, slightly less than with the IUD but still. I’ve been bleeding about 15 days and then having about 15 days of no bleeding and I am fucking sick and tired of it. I’m on my second pill since getting the IUD out and I’m going back next week to get a different Rx.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? I feel like I’m being robbed of my sex life and I’m so so so tired of it.

When I was on the pill I would bleed for 3 weeks. The hormone level may be too low to keep your cycle on track.  It could also be your are still trying to get “normal” after the IUD…never done that.  I just gave up on the bc because it messes me up too much.

I know from friends’ issues higher-dose pills are better to control bleeding, but have never experienced it myself. One friend had her bleeding issues go away entirely on Mirena, but her mood was messed up so she switched back. Sigh. I hope you’re able to get some answers or a way forward from your doctor.

Oh goodness, I am so sorry! I had an IUD put in a few years ago and it lasted all of about 14 hours before I went screaming back to the doctor to have them take it out. I was in so much pain that my mom told me I was crying in my sleep. Also can’t do hormonal BC because I have constant “morning” sickness. I wish I had advice, but I can only commiserate with the frustration. I hope things start leveling out soon!

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