Recipe Review: Curried Coconut Lentil Soup

This week I am trying something new. Instead of posting one of “my own” recipes (in quotation marks because I know I did not come up with them out of the blue, I’ve just been making them for so long that they are probably nothing like the original source material that I’ve forgotten by now anyway), I will be reviewing a new recipe I tried. I found this one for a great curried coconut lentil soup via foodgawker and it was the warm colors coupled with the deliciousness potential that drew me in.

I like trying out new recipes. I don’t think that’s a particularly exceptional trait. I mean, I like coming back to my old favorites, the comfort foods that heal my soul and also don’t require that much thought and planning (ah, both healing and lazy – I love it). But there is something fun about taking a risk and trying out something completely new. Unfortunately for me, I prefer to have some idea of what I’m getting myself in to, which is why I generally prefer recipes that have a lot of feedback – everyone is going to want something specific to their palate but it’s informative to see what changes people are making to the food. Many sites do offer some feedback, either through comments or reviews, but not all. So this is my attempt at offering some feedback and some directions to new (to me at least) and awesome food to try.

Right, so this recipe is overall a big, big win. I didn’t have the red lentils, just the brown ones and that made some of the difference. Like, my soup ended up to be way more stew and I wouldn’t be surprised if the lentil difference led to a big change in the amount of water absorbed. So, be sure to either use the red lentils or to make the necessary adjustments, unless you like your soups more stewy (and in this case I really, really did) in which case, just leave things be.

I’d also suggest adding about half of the salt suggested, but I would also suggest taking my advice with a grain of salt. The saltiness of the dish was perfect for some of the other eaters, but for me it was too much. Not like unpalatable too much, just regular too much. Definitely keep the cinnamon, though, since it adds a nice warm flavor.

As for the key ingredients, the non-seasoning bits if you will, I would add significantly more peas. Again, take that suggestion with a drop of pea soup because I am the kind of person who generally adheres to the motto “the greener the better.” I add extra spinach to my spinach pesto, extra zucchini to all my zuke-y dishes, and, given a re-do, I’d add extra peas to this dish as well. If you’re not green veggie mad like I am, then perhaps the peas will suffice. Finally, I’d add maybe ½ of a well cooked yellow onion to the mix. Unlike the recipe author, I just love onion and so I think it adds complexity and great flavor to almost any savory dish.

So click on over and check the recipe out. Bring some nice, warm, orange, soupy goodness to your delightfully autumn life.

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At first I thought, “Oh no! Is my recipe that goes up Monday going to be too similar?” but nope, this is a whole different animal. Er, non-animal, as it were.

Coconut milk and lentils are a fantastic base for all kinds of dishes, really. I really don’t like peas, so I’d probably do carrots instead, but this recipe looks good otherwise.

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