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Sort the Stars: Sarah Polley and Amy Smart

Today’s stars are both blonde, they are both active for causes they love, and they are both in their early thirties. 

Sarah Polley headshot
Sarah Polley, screencap from IMDB

Sarah Polley is a native Canadian and is known for her political activism as much as for her film career. Polley quit acting in high school to be a political activist, has been black listed by the Disney Corporation, and lost some teeth in a scuffle with police. This rabble-rouser got her start as a child actor, and became well known in the series Avonlea. She’s gone on to not only act, but also write and direct.

Amy Smart headshot
Amy Smart, from IMDB

Amy Smart is a California girl, and has been active in organizations dedicated to restoring the oceans. She became known for the teen films Varsity Blues, and Outside Providence. She played a reoccurring role on Felicity around the same time. She’s gone on to do a variety of films, including the thrillers Crank and the Butterfly Effect.

So how do you tell these two lovelies apart? Well, if it’s independent and Canadian, it’s definitely Sarah Polley. If it’s made by Disney (unless it’s One Magic Christmas, circa 1985), it’s no doubt Amy Smart. Past that, it’s hard to say, because both actresses are extremely talented and have played a wide variety of roles.

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