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This Open Thread is for Monday

It’s Monday again, so let’s make the best of it in an open thread, shall we? 

Here’s a cute Doctor Who fan vid to get you started.

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Also, had an incident that’s making me question my sanity. During a stressful work period a couple of weeks ago, I thought one or other of my coworkers mentioned doing something, and now when I asked them for details to put in a report, both of them denied anything like that had taken place, and were weirded out over me asking. And I can’t find it in my e-mails either. Which means I either dreamed this, and it fused seamlessly into the fabric of real memories, or I’m getting imaginary e-mails. I’ve had weird things happening to my memory during stressful periods before, but nothing like this. And I have no way of telling if this was an isolated incident. OTL

Oh well. Some new Tori Amos streaming though.

I took a step and went to the university counseling services yesterday, and I gave them the paperwork so they could get me in their schedule. It made me feel ALL THE FEELINGS.

It was relieving to finally walk in so I could keep working on getting the funk out of my system. It was ashaming, because I had seen some of my classmates walk into the general area JUST BEFORE (the counseling office is in the student center), and I was terrified someone would see me and start the gossip train. (I only want people to talk about it if I told them about it on MY terms) It made me sad to have to step through that door again for depression and such, because I had hoped the last time I stopped counseling I would be done with it for good. And it made me furious, once more, with the BIL for precipitating the series of events that led me to that doorway once again.

Despite everything, though, I feel a lot stronger than the last time I had to do this. For one, I now know I am capable of not feeling depressed, which I wasn’t sure about the first time. And I know that I am capable within myself of making that so. Secondly, I’m taking these steps a hell of a lot sooner than I did last time.

Really, I think I’m just done with feeling like this, and feeling strong enough to at least take the first steps in telling depression and anxiety to fuck off feels gratifying.

Hugs if you want them and congrats on doing this… I know from experience that  it’s no small step  just getting there. And I too found that going to counselling on campus where you might be noticed to be super unnerving (I always did what I and my best friend referred to as the “former student shoulder check” but never ran into anyone I knew). Best wishes to you for healing and hope.

Spreading downery feelings today, because I have a real sense of dread over the Arctic ice melt. Experts are saying the ice cap will completely disappear in the summer 3-4 years from now, which will lead to a surge in global warming – just how big a surge remains unclear, but somewhere between ‘really fucking troublesome’ and ‘catastrophic’ seems to be a fair guess.

Hello economic turmoil, deepening global food shortages, climate refugees and conflicts over access to resources. And the time left until the unrolling of this apocalyptic prospect coincides with the likely last leg of my fertility window. Fuck.

I hope so. I hope for people with vision, courage and a sense of responsibility to still have some control of the macro level, but idk. I’m feeling more and more like an addressee of the supposed ancient Chinese curse-in-disguise, “May you live in interesting times!”

I made a raspberry-rhubarb-jalepeno jam over the weekend. I really thought it was going to be too strong/hot when I tasted it before canning. But then I just had some of the leftovers that didn’t get canned on a piece of toast with a fried egg on it, and it was I love spicy things for breakfast…

So this happened today:

Jehovah’s Witness at the door: “Have you noticed how certain religions discriminate against women?”

Me: “….yes….”

JW: “Now, do you think that God only cares about men? Or do you think God cares about women too?”

Me: “I don’t believe in god.”

JW: (horrified)  “REALLY!?!?!?!!?!?”

You would have thought I had chewed off an infant’s head in front of them they way they reacted. I live in Philly, so a pretty liberal diverse place but whenever I get that reaction at being an atheist it’s like, hardcore eye roll time.

I used to live across the street from a Kingdom Hall. After being told on no uncertain terms that no one in the house would be converting any time soon, they kept slipping copies of The Watchtower into our mail. Which is fine I guess, cause it gave me something to hate read when I was feeling kind of mean.

I had a second interview today with a major insurance firm. They seem to really like me — I mean, I know they do because they sent the recruiter an all-caps email saying I LOVE HER after my first interview. I feel fairly confident they’ll extend an offer, probably sooner rather than later.

It will probably require a salary cut, but I think the benefits package and the opportunity to have something resembling a career is probably worth the trade off.

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