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This OT is Brought to You by Bic for Her

I’m sure you’ve seen the hilarious reviews of the new Bic for Her pens, but I’m such a sucker for office supplies that I HAD to buy a pack when I was at the supermarket the other day. 

It was an impulse buy, I swear!

I planned on writing this whole post by hand and uploading the pictures, but these ridiculously skinny pens made my handwriting look embarrassingly bad. (I have rather nice handwriting, so I’m a little vain about it.) I guess I don’t have the dainty hands of their target demographic. Oh well, I’ll stick to my Sharpie pens. You can pry those suckers from my cold, dead hands. Since I didn’t provide you all with the handwritten post I planned, here’s a doodle, since that’s about all I can do with those awkward-feeling pens.


I hope this week is way more wonderful than these pens! Tell us about it in the comments.

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They’re quite pretty pens. I’m feeling tired and in a little over my head. I’m in my second week of my new job as a school librarian at a school that hasn’t ever had a strong library program. Its wonderful but I do have moments of wondering, do these people get what they want and what I do?

They hired me so I think they do but I’m not sure, there’s so much and I’m still in the process of looking for a place to live as well.

Guise, guise! It looks like legislation making civil partnerships possible is about to reach the Estonian parliament. If I’m not mistaken, this would make us the first post-Soviet country to allow for some kind of legalized partnership option to same-sex couples – obviously a good thing. However, I can’t help having mostly negative feelings about the matter. Firstly, why so late, and why so little? The issue is presented wrapped up in a shitload of caveats and assurances for bigots about how “marriage” as such will still only be for opposite sex couples, and that certainly nobody’s giving “them” any rights to adopt, etc. That’s missing the fucking point of marriage equality! And the “debate” already happening in newspapers, as in, horrible people spewing blatant homophobia under the guise of “defending families” or “traditional/Christian values”, makes me want to curl up and die. Deep breaths…

I’ve decided that if they do define marriage in a discriminatory manner pandering to abovementioned points of view, as looks likely, I’ll demand a civil partnership on principle. My partner may be a man, but I’m still bi, and I won’t have anything bigot-approved, thankyouverymuch.

Also, I use Slicci or Copic pens because I am a horrible snob.

That’s so exciting!

We have civil partnership here (Ireland) too – but it doesn’t give parental rights etc., so it’s not good enough. On the plus side, for a nominally Catholic country with constitutional protection for the family and the ‘role of mothers in the home’, it’s good to get that much. I just hope it doesn’t stop there.

Please excuse the gushy bits. My boyfriend is the sweetest. I ended up staying up late because I wanted to be tired enough when I got to bed so I wasn’t stewing on things all night, so when I woke up late today, he insisted on taking me to lunch. We hadn’t gone out together in a while (lack of money). It was nice and romantic, and we tried an awesome new diner. He is very awesome.

I can’t believe they made those pens slimmer. I mean, I can believe it, because “slim” = “feminine,” but there’s a reason why they have some bulk to them.

The Biggest.  Fucking.  Spider.  Ever.  Just ran down my wall right next to me.  First I screamed in girly fashion.  Then I killed it with my shoe.  Then I went into “Ew, ew, ew, smashed dead spider,” mode.  Then I practically got a piece of paper to get it off the bottom of my running shoes and into the trash.  Who says I’m overly dramatic?  I’m awesome.
And now I feel like there are spiders crawling all over my body.  You’re welcome for that visual.  Sleep tight.

Hah you should send them back and ask for your money back since they obviously were not made for a real woman :P Those things crack me up, and the comments have been hysterical.

On a different note, I had an informational meeting with a residency program today. Every time this happens it freaks me out a bit since it’s almost time for me to make that decision. Eek.

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