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This OT is Ready for a Road-Trip

Calgon, take me away! I don’t know about anyone else, but these so-called “Holiday Weekends” are utterly exhausting! I live in a resort area, and while everyone is on their way into the area, all I can think of is, “Get me outta here!”

Anywho, I hope that those of you that had a long weekend had an enjoyable one, and those of you that worked are able to recover quickly and find some time to relax.


Here’s something from Camera Obscura that seems to express my mood today. Let’s have an imaginary road trip in the comments.

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At some point, does life stop being ridiculously insane? I’m beginning to become convinced that my life is being scripted by someone who just wants drama and action all the time and never goes on breaks. Grrr.

I asked my (younger/16-yr-old) son over the summer if he wanted to live with me, and he said no, he wanted to go back up to where he was living because he missed his friends, and his older brother would be starting college up there; so I drove him back last week (over 600 miles round-trip) and a day later, he changes his mind and his father demands I get him immediately. He’s not a bad kid or anything, his father is just immature and doesn’t have the ability to deal with his anxiety and teenaged-style issues. So I drive back, get him enrolled in school, couldn’t get him scheduled (until later today) because the registrar was out sick, etc. Then things start to unravel. Like, he has no insurance. He’d been having issues with school for months and no one told me. All I knew was that he got suicidal last year and was in therapy but now some of the facts are emerging (as a teenaged boy, there’s only so much info I can pry out of him at times). So, we’re trying to get him insured and he’s got broken glasses (I think he fell asleep in them or rolled on them) – and I can’t imagine that starting a new school senior year in a new state with broken glasses is going to HELP social anxiety issues. So there’s that.

Plus, I’m still trying to manage the stunt that the bank is trying to pull on my family’s estate/trust issues (my stepfather accidentally put my mother’s trust funds into his trust, and the bank is trying to not give up those funds to me as they should), deal with my HOA (who already lost a legal battle against me and tries to harass me constantly), figure out how to pay for the water heater that broke at the place I rent (which was allegedly new 6 years ago but now it seems it was 20 years old; I already don’t make enough from the rental to cover the taxes and insurance), and so on. I figured I should job hunt so I updated my resumé last week and the phone is ringing constantly; I had an interview yesterday on top of everything else. Oh, and I forgot to mention, my stepson, who got arrested back in May, just found out he’s not going to jail. So now the requests for money/a car/etc. are pouring in from him.

So… busy. But it seems like it’s always like this. Always drama, always a bunch of external things that I try to plan for, but those blindsiding elements keep getting tossed at me. And it’s like this almost every year. As soon as the money situation is better, I am so getting a massage. And some clothes. And some organizers to sort out the office. And a gym membership. Sigh.

@DrMrsJamesCole I’ve gotten glasses from Zenni before and they are not bad. They do take a while (2-3 weeks) to be delivered though since they are made in China. I actually just realized I’m wearing a Zenni pair right now :)

I’ve also used Coastal Contacts before and they are more expensive (I had a free pair of glasses coupon but most start around $70ish for lenses and frames) but they deliver way quicker, like 7-10 days.They are also better quality. Just make sure to get the smudge free coating (extra $$ but worth it). I skipped that with my last pair and end up cleaning them like 4 times a day.

You’ll need to call his eye doctor to get his prescription details before ordering, which they might not like giving up, but it’s your right to have that info.

In any case, good luck with everything!

I would love to write a post on Naomi Wolf’s new book (which sounds absolutely excreble) if only I didn’t have to read it first.

She did a live webchat with UK site Mumsnet today and the commenters didn’t go easy on her, about the book or Assange:

Best. Comment. Ever:

My vagina’s a bit confused about whether you think Assange should face trial for rape allegations or not, Naomi.

My brain’s a bit confused about it as well.

To say nothing of my nipples. They’re waiting hopefully for a straight answer to that.

So, my boss kindly got me a ergonomic keyboard to help with the whole tendinitis issue, which is great. Unfortunately it’s one of the ones with the split down the middle of the keyboard, and I never realized this, but I hit the b key with the index finger of my right hand. I can’t do that now, I keep hitting n instead. Twice while typing this I have typed keynoard.

I never really realized how hard it can be to try to get yourself to the place where you admit you’re having problems handling things (life) right now and you need help.

In better news, this was a couple weeks ago but I don’t think I shared, the BF finally got all his medical testing for work prep. They did the blood work and such. Not only is his blood pressure great and his cholesterol awesome, but he doesn’t have diabetes anymore!

My guess is that it’s been steadily going away ever since he stopped drinking soda 6 or 7 years ago. The last time he got a checkup for it was 3 years ago, and they said it was getting better then. So I wonder how long he’s been better.

But fuck yeah, take that potentially dangerous diseases! And fuck that first doctor he saw through all this testing shit who made him feel like he was going to drop dead any second because he was diabetic.

I have recently been struck by a feeling of complete irreverence and lack of social decorum. You know, the kind where you just want to dress in whatever mish-mash strikes your fancy, thumb your nose at responsibility, and be generally apathetic to societal expectations.

This does not bode well for the rest of the work week…

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