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This Wednesday OT is Hoppin’

There are some songs that you just can’t NOT sing along to.  This is one of them. Let’s celebrate the week being officially more than half-over.  Here’s a little pick-me-up, courtesy of Salt-n-Pepa.

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94% here. I was entirely unsurprised to see that I aligned with 3% of the Republican platform. Really, it was probably only that high because of the odd way they parsed some of my answers.

Such as, I responded that I support incentivizing the private sector to develop alternative forms of energy…and for some reason that put me in line with supporting more off-shore drilling. Which I am very much against.

I only aligned with 86% of Obama’s stuff (and some of that was off because of how they parsed things), but I’m not surprised. This country’s median is a lot more conservative than I am, so he can’t do *too* many super-liberal things…

My happy, yet raging inducing moment of the day.

Background:  In Canada there are no abortion laws other than things that protect choice – The Supreme Court has ruled that “personhood” doesn’t begin until there is a baby who survives outside of the womb, a man will never be able to interfere with a woman’s choice, it’s hers alone, the national health system must pay for it, there is no time frame, etc.  There is stupid stuff – a couple of the Atlantic provinces don’t provide it despite it being mandated, long travel times, stuff like that.

Anyway, there was a private members bill that came up to day by, naturally, a dodgy old white man Conservative MP who has claimed all along he wasn’t trying to re-open the abortion debate, he just wanted a new definition of when a fetus becomes a human being.  Ahem.  Yeah, no hidden agenda there.

So yay!  203 – 91 voted the motion down.  Go Canada go!  There was support from at all parties!  It was soundly defeated!  Even that dick, Prime Minister Stephen Harper voted against it!  Go Canada!  Exclamation marks for everyone!

And then… then I f-ing see that Rona G Damn Ambrose, the Minister for the Status of Women voted for the motion.  WTF.  That is correct, the cabinet minister responsible for ensuring the nation’s women are empowered and supported and equal just voted for this asinine motion.  Stephen Freaking Harper voted against it (for purely political reasons I’m sure, I’d put my savings on him being anti-choice personally) and that Ambrose asshole voted for it.

Not to defend Rona Ambrose (because really, she is a reprehensible person generally)…. but she is in a really conservative riding outside of Edmonton that contains multiple large (like 500-1000 member) baptist and pentecostal churches. So perhaps she is making  a political decision too? But yeah, I kind of think that Steve-O should think about replacing her, because clearly she does not care at all about protecting women.

This Motor City native is currently in a hotel room in Steel City. The bed in here is ginormous (I sleep on a twin at home and here I have a king). The drive in was awesome. Fall color in the mountains! Also this flatlander is a little freaked by all the ups and downs when driving around here.

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