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This Weekend Open Thread is Full of Gifs

Because it’s time for a weekend GIF PARTY! 

Everybody in the pool, I want to laugh my literal ass off at your contributions.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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Success with the married couple!! I took pizza to their house after work on Friday and we ate and hung out and watched a movie and then some tv and then they invited me to spend the night and it was SUPER AWESOME. There were SO MANY HANDS! I am very excited about the prospect of more sleepovers.

I’m a little late to the game on this, but I know there are readers who are in the UK.  I keep meaning to throw a big high five your way.  I read / watch Canadian and NZ news and my sister is here visiting from the Australia and it has been noted there as well: The Paralympics were amazing and the support and good times shown by Londoners was the best it has ever been.  Everyone in all three countries is talking about the outstanding job that was done at the Paralympics, the support by fans, and what a stellar event it was.

Yay, UK!

This weekend, a local friend and I went to visit another friend of ours who lives in a coastal town. We are the type of friends who exchange silly fake-insults and joke about getting naked.

We spent all of yesterday at a tiny (four-mile-long by one-mile-deep) beach that is owned by the state parks, and it was not busy at all. It was lovely. What wasn’t lovely was the sunburns each of us got because we all used spray-on sunscreen and it was windy enough that the sunscreen particles blew away from us rather than sticking to our skin. So I have sunburnt shoulders, upper chest, and my left upper arm and right cankle.

But I get to spend tomorrow trying to levitate and not touch anything and wear comfy pants rather than jeans and shoes, because my temp job ended last Friday and I don’t have anything to jump into right away.

Oh, and both friends had yarn to destash and I was seduced by two Zauberballs during the knit night at a yarn store on Friday.

And, to round out with three whole gifs, DANCE like you’re David Bowie.


Last night we went to a neighborhood party and as I walked up the driveway, I heard a ten year old boy call one of the other girls a slut.  I think my head may have spun around on my neck and my eyes burst into flames.  Our Conversation:
Me:  Excuse me?  WHAT just came out of your mouth?
Him:  I wasn’t saying it about you!  It was her!
Me:  I don’t care WHO you were talking about.  I don’t know who your parents are, but if I EVER hear those words come out of your mouth again, I will find you.  Are we clear?
All the children:  [Nodding in fear]

Today, he came to the front door to drop off the cornhole boards his parents had borrowed for the party.  He got a look of terror on his face when he saw me.  I am now the neighborhood enforcer of justice.

So, I am considering buying a spinning wheel…. mainly because I just inherited a TON of roving, and I currently live somewhere where spinning (or at least starting spinning) is quite common so there are an abundance of used ones on kijiji (the Canadian version of craigslist) for like $100. Once I move back to Alberta, it will be (according to my research that I did while I should have been working on school things today) much more difficult to find a spinning wheel to purchase….particularly at that price. I am uncertain because a) I live in a tiny apartment, b) I am a grad student who is usually strapped for cash (ish- I have fairly good funding), c) I am moving across the country soon, and although my boyfriend and I are likely driving a uhaul with my stuff… a spinning wheel is just another thing that I will have to move d) I am kind of a fibre related crafting junky (I knit, I sew, I needle felt)- maybe I just need to lay off the fibre….. Thoughts anyone?

I’ve been eyeing spinning wheels lately, too! But I also have many of the same uncertainties as you do (grad student, strapped for time and cash, SO MANY fiber related things already– luckily I’m not moving for another 8 months or so). I’d say if you are in a place where you can get them for cheap, then run with it. Yeaaahhh it’s one more thing to move, but… cheap spinning wheel…

Sorry, I’m a terrible influence when it comes to fiber crafts. My recent solution to the spinning wheel though: I made a drop spindle to play with/practice on/try out first. It’s harder to use than a spinning wheel and takes longer to get an actual skein, but it’s smaller and all the old spinners I know say that it’s the best way to learn before getting a wheel to make you appreciate it more.

I think I am going to get it, there’s an older working ashford one on kijiji for $50! (New they are over $450, at least in Canada).  I have done a fair amount of drop spindling, I just inherited what is probably close to 40 pounds of roving from an aunt who has arthritis and I am uncertain I can spin all of it using  a drop spindle.  I think the primary concern I have in all of this is time too… like, I already do lots of fibre-y things and I should be a responsible PhD student… but then again, I don’t go out a ton/am generally pretty responsible with my time, so perhaps it’s ok?

In other words, thank you @twiddle, so enabling a  fellow lover of fibre-y things. ;-)

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