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Top Five Tuesday: Breakfast

I love breakfast. I am one of the people who could eat breakfast for every meal of the day. While it is true that I love all things breakfasty, I do have my favorites. 

SaraB’s Top Five Breakfasts

  1. Bacon egg and cheese sandwich (I truly believe this is the perfect food.)
  2. Ham and cheese omelette (cooked well, no runny bits)
  3. French toast (’nuff said)
  4. Fried potatoes with cheese and catsup (I don’t care what you call them, as long as they are potatoes and they are fried, I want ’em)
  5. Cheese danish (Or cream cheese croissants. Again, I’m not picky when it comes to pastry and sweet cream cheese)

And, yes, sometimes my perfect meal is this:

cupcake and vitamin super breakfast
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I’ve showed you mine, now you show me yours. Top five breakfasts – Go!

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1. Sausage gravy and biscuits. Which is apparently something that is terribly southern to like for someone who has never lived south of the Mason-Dixon.

2.Poached eggs on toast.

3. Cinnamon rolls. Must be fresh.

4. Pancakes with fruit rather than maple syrup. The fruit can either be cooked in or on top.

5. Scrambled eggs with ketchup.

I’ve never been a breakfast person, but here are the things I’d usually go for:

1. Diet Coke
2. Bacon
3. Sausage (with syrup if it’s a fancy occasion)
4. Eggs. Sometimes I do buy the pre-boiled ones just because I’ll eat them vs. them sitting in the fridge.
5. Potatoes & onions – hash browns, home fries, whatever, with lots of pepper.

All of the above with some fruit would be perfect. What I actually eat is usually the eggs or a Clif bar. For special occasions/more need to get up, there’ll be coffee. No one said coffee! And on the weekends, the Cajun Chicken biscuits from Bojangles are amazing. I want to start eating more fruit for breakfast, but I may just compromise on a smoothie.

(P.S. It is APPLE ANNOUNCEMENT DAY and that is like a religious holiday for me! So maybe I should grab some breakfast to get myself ready!)

Oh man, I am such a breakfast person. In fact, I just finished eating breakfast (oatmeal with whole raspberries, real maple syrup, cinnamon + ginger, sprinkle of sunflower seeds). I have so many favorite breakfasts…. so maybe I’ll just put some up in no particular order:

1. Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich (yes, breakfast sandwiches are the most perfect food)
2. Corned-beef hash with egg of medium on top and buttered wheat toast
3. Omelet with ALL THE VEGETABLES! and sriacha (which with my cooking/flipping ability usually turns into veggie scramble)
4. Raspberry and cream cheese bear claw/danish/muffin/croissant
5. Ployes (thin, french-canadian buckwheat pancakes that my boyfriend’s adorable tiny french-canadian grandma makes – they’re kind of like crepes in that you fill them with things like spiced ground meats, fruit, or sugary things and roll them into hand-held portable amazingness!)

1. All you can eat brunch. Yoghurt, fruits, eggs, buns, everything. And yes, brunch is breakfast in a way.
2. English breakfast, keep the beans, extra bacon.
3. One sesame bagel with rocket salad, Parma Ham and Italian cheese, one cinnamon bagel with salted butter and honey
4. Pretty much my daily one: raisin bun, slice of bread with peanut butter and slice of ontbijtkoek
5.  Porridge with way too much sugar

So somewhat off-topic. I finally took the first small step to making things better. I told the boyfriend what’s been going on. I’d been keeping it to myself since I was feeling so ashamed for shirking responsibilities, but today was finally the last straw. I’d been putting off sending a couple things to the professor I’m TAing for. I told him I’d do it today, right after class…and what did I do? I finally made a separate e-mail account so I wouldn’t have to deal with my campus e-mail. And then I stared at the things I had to send. The anxiety kicked in, and I didn’t do it.

It was so frustrating. Why couldn’t I do it? It was right there. And so the dam finally broke, and I told him.

I cried a lot. He hugged a lot. He’s really the best I could ever ask for. Now he’s promising to help me through this. He told me he’d been overwhelmed like this before, and it was hard as hell to get out of it. And the only way he did it was with help.

I’m not really used to asking for help. But I knew it was going to have to happen. And as frightening as it seems, I know this is the start to getting out of this hole and putting my horrible godawful summer behind me for good.

hoo-yeah. when I had time to bake bread for myself, I would totally eat 1/2-all of the loaf as soon as it was cool enough to tear into. Yes, fresh bread is best when ripped apart by hand, with either a little fresh butter and salt or dipped in balsamic vinegar….   oh man do I want to bake right now…

Oh yum

Number 1 with a bullet, diner heaven: bacon,  slightly under-cooked scrambled eggs and hash browns

2. Gravy (with bread and bacon is best but no shit I will cook it thick and eat it by itself, like oatmeal)

3. Waffles and bacon covered in syrup

4. Peasant’s omelet (ham, bacon, potatoes, onions, peppers, and cheese)

5. Oatmeal (cooked thick with milk and a touch of sugar)

Absolute requirement for all, a big ass glass of ice cold skim milk. And then a nap afterwards.


A Religious-About-Weight Watchers Friend told me that muffins actually have more fat in them than cupcakes because they require so much butter and that a cupcake was fewer “points” on the system.  This just made me realize that I should be eating cupcakes for breakfast.  She was a little horrified, but then she joined me anyway. Because cupcakes.

1. Heaping pile of crispy BACON/  2 over easy eggs/golden hash browns/ thick cut toast/ apple juice

2. Chocolate chip Belgium waffle with lots-o-syrup/ chocolate milk

3. Scrambled eggs made with cottage cheese. Aka the best way to prepare scrambled eggs evar!

4. Fried egg and Spam  on toast sandwich. Yeah Spam. Shut up it’s good honestly, just don’t think to hard about what’s in it.

5. Carbs: Bagel w/ cream cheese, Wheat toast with peanut butter and honey or cereal dry no milk

It was quite tricky for me not to write this in my waitress shorthand. Also now I’m hungry again

I’m not a morning eater, so my breakfast foods tend to be eaten for dinner. MY favorites are

1. Sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast burrito with either sriracha or salsa and sour cream

2. Pancakes with chocolate chips (and occasionally peanut butter) or blueberries

3. Fried eggs over medium with oven potatoes and dry toast with homemade kielbasa

4. Oatmeal with dried fruit, a bit of brown sugar, and a pat of butter

5. Omelets heavy in veggies, cheese, and sausage.

Yum, now I’m hungry.

1.Any type of French toast with or without whipped cream

2.Western omelet with a lightly toasted bagel and cream cheese/strawberry preserves(my go-to diner breakfast combo)

3. Any sort of fried potato item with fried onions

4. Almond croissant (or any croissant really)

5. Basically any type of sweet breakfasty baked good: cinnamon rolls, sweet rolls, muffins, donuts, banana bread, etc

Also, you say ‘breakfast’, I say, there’s a pin for that.

Chocolate Donuts with Blood Orange Glaze

Lemon Raspberry Breakfast Rolls

Mascarpone French Toast with Warm Blackberry Syrup

This is hard, because I, too, would eat breakfast for every meal.  But I will try.

1.  Corned beef hash and 2 eggs over easy.
2.  Grilled tomatoes on toast.  (But I almost never eat bread anymore, so this is a thing of the past.)
3.  Sundried tomato, basil, and goat cheese omelette.  (Mostly because I made sundried tomatoes last week, and this happened.  And was amazing.)
4.  Scrambled eggs with smoked sausage and a Laughing Cow Queso Fresco wedge.
5.  Any form of fried potato.  Home fries or hash browns are best.
6.  Oatmeal with butter, brown sugar, raisins, and apples.

I know it was supposed to be five.  But once I forgot to put my FAVORITE weekday breakfast item (oatmeal) on it, I knew I had to add.  I’m SORRY.
In other news, little brother got me a new Dr. Who poster even though it is neither Christmas nor my birthday.  I have an excellent little brother.

What I absolutely love:
1. Pancakes with walnuts or pecans and real maple syrup, and bacon and/or sausage
2. Cinnamon croissants
3. Really gooey cinnamon rolls
4. Scrambled eggs on a toasted English muffin
5. A giant, warm bran or corn muffin

What I usually eat:
1. English muffin cinnamon toast
2. Pop Tarts
3. Cheerios

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