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Top Five Tuesday: Pet Peeves

We’ve all got them, those weird little things that drive us crazy. We know they shouldn’t be such a big deal, but they are. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours. ;)

  1. Whistling in the car. OMG, it makes me feel like there are pokey things being shoved in my ears.
  2. The Big Three of grammar: to, too, two; they’re, there, their; your and you’re. I try not to be a snob about it, but I always notice.
  3. People who text me when they know I’m driving. IT’S NOT SAFE, JUST CALL ME INSTEAD!
  4. Stepping in pee in front of the toilet after one of my menfolk uses the bathroom. Learn to aim or sit down.
  5. The electric hum of a muted television. Please, just turn it off until you are ready to have sound.

I have a lot more, especially after living with boys for so long, but these are the big ones. I could probably write a thousand words on the theme of “people moving slowly while I am trying to move fast,” but that would get tedious after a while. Instead, you tell me what bugs you, how your day is going, or whatever pops into your collective heads. It’s an open thread, go wild!

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Grammar peeves:

1) The phrase “tried and” when the person means “tried to.”

2) Less/fewer.

Other peeves:

3) “Do you *always* have to analyze whatever movie/book/tv show you’re reading/watching.”

4) “You’re too (good/educated/smart) to (use those types of words / talk about those topics / not think this way).”

And my number 1 alpha super biggest pet peeve of all time:

PEOPLE WHO ARE ASSHOLES TO SERVERS.  I didn’t like those people before, but now I’m waiting tables in a small college town where one year costs more than my entire undergrad education.  Not only to I regularly get stiffed with tips from the uber-preppy kids and alums, but parents who bring their kids to visit the college use me as an example for “why you need to go to college” (and then I scare them by mentioning that I’m finishing my grad degree).  Also, people get angry with *me* because our (8 table) restaurant is FULL at 6PM and I won’t have a table for 30 minutes.  And then there was the dude who threatened to sue me because his reservation wasn’t ready right away (the boss seated some of her friends at their table and told me ‘too bad’.)


1. Bicycles who don’t obey traffic laws. This includes, but is not limited to: riding on the sidewalk, not stopping at lights/signs, going the wrong way on a one-way street, and going up the wrong side of a two-way street.

2. I don’t drive, but could write an epic on terrible public transportation behavior. Don’t talk on your cell phone so loud I can hear it through the top-volume punk song I am listening to. And don’t use the Apple ear buds because EVERYONE can hear them. They make cheap ones that don’t do that, invest. Do not glare at me if you sit down next to me and our thighs touch. I know I’m fat, you didn’t have to sit there, also, you won’t catch it. Don’t let your kids run around like hellions. They stay in the stroller or they sit in a seat. They don’t twirl around the poles like they are training for a future career as a stripper. Also, don’t park your stroller, bike, or grocery cart so that it’s in front of more than the seat you’re sitting in. Amazingly, I don’t want that on my feet. Don’t eat anything that smells. Dudes, don’t sit with your legs spread out. I guarantee nothing you’re airing out is big enough to need its own seat.

3. Parents who let their kids run up to dogs and don’t teach them how to approach carefully. Also, parents who let their kids run around restaurants or stores that aren’t toy stores, or who stop smack in the middle of the sidewalk to fuss over a stroller. Yeah, it’s crying, but you’re in everyone’s way and it will probably still be alive after the 0.05 seconds it takes to GTFO of the way. Why yes I did spend 5 years in Brooklyn.

4. The same Big Three of grammar, plus people who use U, R, and 2 instead of you, are, and to/too.

5. People who flush with the lid up. YOU ARE SPRAYING PEE ON MY TOOTHBRUSH.

Oh goodness, yes!  Parents who let their kids run up to dogs are so frustrating! I mean, I’ll do my best to keep my dog calm and thankfully she is a super sweety who loves people, so the worst that’ll happen typically is that you’ll drown in her slobber, but what if one day she gets spooked by this shrieking, flailing thing running at her?

Zelda has a tendency to jump at people. She’s about 20 pounds, so it’s not super threatening to an adult unless that have some irrational fear of all dogs, but to a little kid that’s terrifying. And I don’t feel like dealing with the type of parent (again, lived in Brooklyn) who would let their kid run screaming up to her and then yell at ME for the way she reacted.

Wow, there’s a lot of driving ones on here. This week marks the 54th anniversary of Drive Like A Jerk Week, so that makes sense. Everyone’s participating to their fullest jerk-driving glory! I drop my son off at his high school in the morning and the jerkery there is immense. Big lines of cars waiting to get to the school? Well then we’ll just drive on the wrong side of the road to pass them (to get to the school)! Red lights? Not an issue if we don’t feel like waiting! Seriously, it’s insane. And these aren’t the kids driving and doing this crap, it’s the parents.

I probably have many of the same peeves as the ones listed here; bad grammar, bad drivers, inconsiderate behavior. Right now though the biggest one is A/C vents. I started a new job and we’re moving into a new building and right now the vents are blasting and since it’s one of those hip, tech-y companies with exposed ducts, they are right over my head hissing along. Did I mention I have tinnitus/Meniere’s? Maybe I can talk them into giving me one of the rouge-colored fedoras that are the icon of the company :)

1) People walking slow or 3-4 abreast so that I can’t pass them on the sidewalk. MOVE people, this is a major city, not a barely populated back country road.

2)Barking dogs. I work with dogs but ironically it rarely comes up at work. It becomes a peeve when I get home from work and have to listen to either my upstairs neighbors dog, the random guys who lets his dog use the back alley as a dog run’s dog, or some random dog in the neighborhood that I can hear. This pet peeve stems from an incident where I had to move from an awesome location after only three months of living there because some jackass in the building kept his dog locked in the bathroom while he was at work/out of the house and she would bark literally (and I mean, literally) until he got back even if he was gone for 8 hours. And he would leave for work at 5:30am.

3)Screaming kids. I guess I’m just adverse to loud environments in general unless I’ve chosen to be there.

4)Grammatical errors.

5) People who overshare or attention seek via Facebook. Oy.


My five pet peeves:

1.  People who don’t pay attention while driving.  Seriously, I almost got hit by this maniac on her cell phone who cut across traffic to get to the Miichigan left-turn lane just as I was coming around the turn.  No worries, I gave her the one-fingered salute.

2.  Nosy people.  Like really, really nosy-ass people.   Busybodies.  My life isn’t that exciting, but it’s none of your damn business.  First thing, I’m an introvert, so you’re not going to know much unless I want you to..  Second thing, maybe I don’t talk to you because I don’t like you.  Ever think of that?  BTW, this has to do with some things in my personal, non-PMag, non-work life.

3.  My cat Gemma.  She is very, very clingy, particularly when I come home from work.  And when I’m writing, she likes to lay in my lap.  No, kitty.  That’s a bad, bad kitty.

4.  People who are impatient,

5.  People who treat customer service reps like shit.

1. People who don’t merge all of the way into turning lanes.

2. People who leave more than a car length of space between them and the next car at a red light.  My annoyance doubles if I’m trying to pass them to go right.

3. People who restart and/or retell a story whenever a new person enters the room.  One of my coworkers does this ALL OF THE TIME. I cringe when I see her in the break room.

4. Leaving the TV on despite no one being in the room.

5. Repetitive noises.

Wow. That was surprisingly easy. :-/

Today my #1 is people who spell or say my name wrong.  There is a woman in my office who has introduced me by the wrong name 100% of the times that she has introduced me.  Could be an honest mistake, but my last name happens to be 1 letter away from a slightly more common last name that happens to be a word that means icky, so it feels like an insult and a mistake.  And in all my years it has not been an issue until now.  Today I had to contact IT to get them to set up an email address of and have it forwarded to me because so many people that I work with misspell my name.  Aggg.  Bad Day.  Sorry.

2. People who ride bikes on the busy traffic-y street when there is a designated bike boulevard that runs parallel just 2 blocks away.

3. People who use the words “women” and “mothers” as synonyms.

4. Time zones.  Making long distance relationships hard since telephones.

5. Today the rest of the world is my pet peeve.  Bad day.

So my IRL name is Nicolette and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten either wrong spellings or names that are not mine.

Nicollet, Nicollette, Nicolett, Nicholett (an H!?!really?!), Nicole, Nicolle, the list goes on. It makes my blood boil. Particularly when it’s a client who does it (I dog walk) because I leave them daily notes about their dogs and SIGN MY NAME EVERY DAY. It’s right in the freaking note!!

In short, I feel your pain on that one.

As someone who has been called Lisa, Eliza, Leeza, Liz, etc, I feel ya. Once at Starbucks they wrote Eliza on the cup and the person called out Alyssa when it was ready. So.

And I have my middle initial in my email address, and I constantly miss things because people left it out. The frustration multiplies exponentially if I typed it for them and they literally could have either clicked on it or copy and pasted it.

1. Loud repetitive noises, like the vent fan over my stove, especially if people are talking or if I can hear the TV or something like that at the same time. Noise overload!

2. The “End 45mph zone” road signs on the back roads around here. Am I supposed to speed up or slow down? Just put the new damn speed limit up instead of being vague!

3. Libertarians. :)

4. People who don’t realize how fucking tedious they are and don’t take a hint that no one is interested in what they keep blathering on about.

5. Pretty much everything about how my mother-in-law does dishes. She loads the silverware illogically, takes Lexie’s cups and such out of the drying rack when they’re still soaking wet and stacks them up so they never dry, leaves the water running full blast while wiping down the table and counters, and gets irritated when I want to actually rinse things out before putting them in recycling.

People who chew with their mouth open. The sounds. I can NOT abide. My mom does this.

Other than that and it being a Tuesday things are fabulously peachy! I noticed Sunday night that I’d missed a GIF party weekend thread and was sad. New job is phenomenal. Weekend was fantastic. Kitties are napping near me. Life is good. So here’s some Pusheen for you.

Unofficial gif party! I like the way you think. Not going to lie I just renamed all the random gifs in my folder and I now have a stunning 78 gifs that I’m ready to use here on PMag at a moments notice. Strangely there are a HUGE number of ‘unimpressed’, angry or irritated gifs. Also David Tennant. But for now! My expression of how I feel about you and your impromptu gif party.

My big one is group leaders or bosses not treating everyone one the same on small things. For example, if you’re going to acknowledge everyone’s birthday, do it the same way each time. If you decide to bake dessert for each person, do it for everyone. You’d rather go out to dinner, fine, but then everyone gets a dinner to celebrate. But you can’t do something small for one person, and then host a blowout for the next. It’s not right and creates a bad working environment.

Amen. When my boss came to our store to be our boss, he said that he wanted to start a tradition of giving everyone a card and a $10 restaurant gift card (out of his pocket). The first person’s birthday, I added the tradition of giving balloons because who doesn’t like helium balloons? The other person that works with us decided to bake that first person a fucking CHEESECAKE. We sang happy birthday and made it a BIG DEAL. My birthday: gross store bought cupcakes and they sang about 3 lines of…jingle bells. No shitting you…jingle bells. Granted my birthday is late november but still…jingle bells?

Birthdays are dumb and this year I’m just not participating.

Gah! That sucks! I would totally punch them for that. Especially the jingle bells bullshit. I don’t care if a person’s birthday is Christmas day, you sing Happy Birthday or some variant of it to them. Period. But I’m huge into birthdays, probably too in to birthdays, but I try to make everyone’s special but with the same amount of pomp and circumstance. I can’t let anyone feel unloved or under appreciated on their birthday; it goes against everything I know.

In no particular order…

1.  Microsoft Word randomly deciding to reformat a 90-page document…  multiple times… in one editing session.

2.  People using less when they mean fewer!  I notice every. single. time.

3.  Data are plural.  Get it right colleagues!

…I also probably use too many exclamation point and ellipses for some people.

In various order, since I’m terrible at “bests”, “worsts”, or “favorites”:

– grammar and punctuation. for the love of peat, can everyone just learn how to use a comma? and all the nearly-homophones (then, than! arg!)
– people who come up to my desk and ask me if I’m busy even though I clearly am working on something. bonus points if the following question is completely unrelated to anything I do.
– people driving UNDER the speed limit. Why are there so many of them lately?? I’ve actually started to wonder if my speedometer is off or something.
–  loose threads at the edge of a piece of clothing. Mine or anyone else’s, doesn’t matter, drives me crazy wanting to snip it off.
– just. do. the fucking. dishes.

Ladiez, I could seriously go on. Today has been rife with annoyances. An hour ago I actually thought to myself “The rain is too loud! I can’t get any work done!” Really, self? It’s rain. It cannot help itself. Besides, we could really use it lately.

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