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Top Five Tuesday: Singin’ in the Rain

Well, not so much the rain as the shower. I have monster stage fright when it comes to singing in front of people, but get me in my shower or car and I turn into a regular Streisand. I’ll sing whatever comes to mind, but I have a few standards that always end up in the rotation. Here are my top five shower songs:

  1. “Love for Sale,” Shirley Horn version
  2. “Stray Cat Strut,” Stray Cats
  3. “Bring it on Home,” Sam Cooke
  4. “If You Could See Her Through My Eyes,” Cabaret soundtrack
  5. “I Won’t Stand in Your Way,” Stray Cats

Cole Porter is one of my favorites for singing lustily, so an honorable mention goes to “Let’s Do It.” It only missed the top five because I constantly forget the order of the lyrics. Now, what are yours?

Author’s Note: Tuesday trivia will be back in a month or two, when my trivial batteries have recharged. 

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Gotta break the thread of the topic :(

I found out a few hours ago that my best guy friend back home went into IP today dealing with a depressive crisis. It’s been an ongoing thing for a couple of years and finding out (in a horrible way) that he’s shortly going to be unemployed sparked it all back up again- but I had to hear about this latest thing from a mutual friend, which is unlike him, and I’m so scared and worried for him.

Any Persephoneers spent time in IP for depression? PM me or leave it here- I want to know more about what he might be going through.

You would think that as someone in a helping profession I’d have a better grasp on this but I really don’t.

Quebec people!  What’re your thoughts re: minority PQ government?  I can’t remember the last time I cared this little about an election — as far as I can see, all three major parties are terrible in their own special ways, and I voted (for a minor party) with no enthusiasm whatsoever.  I’ve been saying for weeks that I’ll be angry no matter the outcome, and surprise surprise — I am!  Fun times.

Yes!  I just logged on here to see if anyone from Quebec was commenting.  I just read about the shooting.  Tragic.  WTH is going on?

I had to have a moment of checking my feminism withe the “Heck yeah!  Quebec voted in a woman!  …. she’s a separatist, sh@t.”

I do hope that the minority PQ government will have scratched the PQ itch for the province, without them having power to bring a referendum in or drastically change language policy. Also, because I am an Albertan  I woke up this morning to lots of FB statuses about transfer payments. *rolls eyes* Also how did things end up shaking down in Jean Charest`s riding? When I went to bed, he was trailing. My Mom thinks he will end up running for the liberals federally, perhaps for the leadership position, but I don’t see it since in order to win federally, history has proven that you must win in Quebec.
Also holy cow, I just heard about the shooting on the CBC!

Yeah, Charest’s probably going to resign, since he lost his seat.  Before he got into Quebec politics, he was a federal PC — and I’m not sure the Liberals would want him.  They were gunshy about Rae because of his provincial baggage from almost 20 years ago, let alone provincial baggage from right now.

The shooting is scary, but it sounds like a much bigger tragedy was pretty narrowly avoided.  The guy had a car full of guns and accelerant, and the fire he did manage to start was put out pretty quickly and I don’t think anyone was hurt by it.  I heard some speculation on Twitter that in the video of Marois being hustled off stage, a hole appears in the backdrop behind her that could be a gunshot puncture.  If that’s accurate, she very narrowly avoided being shot too.   There’s a lot to talk about with this election (first female QC premier, minority mandate, enormous voter turnout, etc) but this is what people’ll remember.

Can you write a post on it?  I haven’t paid much attention other than seeing Twitter comments during the run up to the election via Hebert, Wells, et al, but I would love to read a blog post about it.  Do you think it was a case of saying “no” to the Liberals rather than “yes” to the PQ?  What was the voter turnout?

Have you seen the FB pic going around today about a quote from Marois around assimilation and then a stereotypical picture of a FN man saying “Bitch, please”?  I started to comment, sighed, and deleted what I had written.

I haven’t seen that, but I can’t say as I’m surprised.  I’d love to write a post about it, and may, but this week is really, really busy (firm deadlines on a couple of things, going out of town, etc) and I’m not sure I have time :/  I’ll do my best!

I don’t really sing in the shower, but I’m a rockstar in the car. i’ll sing along to whatever I have in the stereo. Right now, it’s an eclectic mix of Ultra-lounge, The Get-Up kids, The New Pornographers, Bloc Party, and Old ’97s. I really need to get around to making physical CDs of some of the music on my iTunes accound b/c my Cds are all from about 8 years ago.

Well, I will sing to anything Queen or Bowie, but…

1. Rebel, Rebel – David Bowie

2. I Want it All – Queen <– This one has become the song I cry/scream-sing to when I get really down about finding a job. It actually makes me feel better and inspires me. :P

3. We Belong – Pat Benatar

4. Walking on Broken Glass – Annie Lennox

5. Radio, Radio – Elvis Costello

These rotate quite a bit but for right now these seem to be at the top.

1. Fortunate Son by Credence Clearwater Revival

2. Shameless by Garth Brooks (cover of a Billy Joel song)

3. Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac

4. Women and Men by They Might Be Giants

5. Second Best by Barenaked Ladies

Not that I have voice appropriate for any of these. Well maybe Women and Men.

Attention, Iron Unicorn Army!  My sister entered my nephew in this year’s Gerber Baby Photo contest just for giggles.  Voting started today, 9/4/12, and it ends 9/24/12.  All you need to do is “like” Gerber on Facebook and you can vote once daily in that given time period.

Here is the link:

Look for Killian from Livonia, MI, entry ID # 453630.  Let the will of the Iron Unicorn Army be known and help make this baby the next Gerber baby!


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