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I’m starting to end the fall season now, there are about four episodes left for all the shows, and they all currently seem to go “nowhere.” Sword Art Online continues the “romantic” adventures of Kirito and Asuna. Accel World got some more Incarnation System and undercover investigation, but no new information. Finally, Eureka Seven Ao episode is at a stalemate in the story. We just got back to the previous episode’s status quo.

Accel World, Episode 21

Yeah, Nico is back! As I expected, Haru calls Niko to ask her about the Incarnation System and to help them against Burst Linkers that don’t show up on the players list.

Taku takes up training with Niko to get some new IS skills, while Haru goes on an investigation with Blood Leopard, a maid that drives a motorcycle and has the most computer-like personality I’ve ever seen. She’s only two or three years older than Haru, and we get a lot of improper moments with Haru as well. It’s like girls just see him as a talking sphere or something.

You know, I much prefer “hardcore” Red King than the nice little kid she tries to pretend to be in real life. No manners, super dominating despite the small size, trash talking. Nico is just awesome.

Hopefully, next episode we get the answer to how these players achieve their hidden showcase. There is one plaguing the neutral  battleground in the Yellow Region and the owner isn’t too happy (he looks like a dwarf too).

Sword Art Online, Episode 9

Well, the boss was BIG and ugly. Just like I love them. We also had “drama,” well, Asuna was super scared that Kirito was going to die, he had like 1 HP left at the end.

We also learn that Kirito has a unique skill to himself. He’s a dual wielder. This mean now everybody wants to “try him” and see the skill. Poor guy, if he wasn’t hated enough for being a solo player and a beta tester.

The end of the episode also start the next “arc,” aka Guild Drama. Asuna decided to leave the guild to hang out with Kirito, but the guild leadership isn’t exactly happy about it. I suspect Kirito is going to join the Knight of the Blood pact to stay with her not-yet-girlfriend Asuna.

Eureka Seven AO, Episode 18

What a strange episode. Not because the story was strange, but for the useless plot elements. Basically, Ao spends an entire episode with the Allied Forces just to go back to Generation Blue and start a “The World vs Us” war.

Actually, most of the episode was centred on Fleur and her relationship with Elena and how they both want Ao back. Funnily enough, Gazelle takes all the credit to have started the war, although I suspect Blanc is the mind behind the plan. Poor Fleur, she really has to slap her dad one day. I’m still waiting.

I’m not sure how this will end, unless we are supposed to get another season. Six episodes is enough for a rushed ending, but I’m still unsure of what kind of ending we are going to get. Ao fix the “timeline”? Ao get back to his true world? Ao stay stuck where he is and accept it? I really have no idea. Especially if you take Truth and friend into consideration.

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