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The summer season is almost over. Eureka Seven has three episodes left from what I read online, this means a rushed ending! Accel World probably has less than that, I suspect it will end with the Dusk Taker arc, so one or two episodes. Not sure about Sword Art Online, it was once rumored to be split court, but it might not be. This mean I will probably have Sword Art Online and, at least, Jormungand season 2 for the fall season of animes. I can’t really watch more than three shows per week either, but there seems to be lots of interesting stuff this fall.

Accel World, Episode 22

Chiyu has it so strong for Haru… and she’s 12. O_o. I’m a bit disturbed by her character actually, she makes me think so much of sexually abused person.

Haru's manly tears
Haru’s manly tears

Lots of talking in this episode. Silver Crow and Blood Leopard fight against Rust Jigsaw and beat him. Leopard is actually a bright lady, she destroyed the guy by biting one of his shoulders so the pain actually transferred in the real world. Unfortunately, Haru lost sight of him.

But it didn’t stop him from discovering how they were hiding from the player list. They are using brain chips. Illegal brain chips; they were removed from the market after only three years because of hacking dangers. This sort of put a new spin on the “bad” guys. They have access to “retro” technology that requires a lot of money to get.

Anyhow, the episode wasn’t exactly fun, too much exposition.

Sword Art Online, Episode 10

After this episode, Kirito and Asuna are officially a couple. They still have to work on their communication, though.

Kirito lost his fight against the Commander of the Knight of the Blood Pact and had to join the guild. He doesn’t look as good in white as he does in black though.  He’s also taken into a three-man squad to see how well he does, but it turns into a trap by Asuna’s ex-bodyguard. He joined a PK guild and almost killed Kirito. He was saved by Asuna who, like a stalker, keeps watching his dot on the map.

The fighting against the Commander was boring, cheap animations. The development between Kirito and Asuna was good though.

Eureka Seven AO, Episode 19

Oh My Gods!

This was a crazy episode and sort of means nothing once everything is fixed, but still crazy! Lots of people died here, a lot more people will probably die soon, too.

The episode starts with the Allied Army receiving new fling vehicles to attack the Generation Blue HQ. Big Blue World, the “sponsor” of Generation Blue, decided to dump them so everybody is free to attack them. Truth gets told by a few people that he is just a Secret that lost his memory and he really doesn’t want to believe it. The first one to tell him is the head of the Secret that the Japanese have. The second one is Naru, who started to talk like the real antagonist in the story in this episode. She might have been manipulating both Truth and Ao in a way.

Fleur’s dad, who is the chairman of Generation Blue, decided to plan his own “death” in advance to get ride of Truth and leave something to Fleur (contracts, but there wasn’t much information about it). Generation Blue also seems to have switched ideas and decided that the Secrets might not be the bad guys, so Ao and Fleur have to find the truth (not the dude, the actual truth).

Also, Elena finally told the other two that she was brought into this world by Eureka. People should remember that when Ao meets her mother she was pregnant with a girl. I’m almost 100% sure that this unborn Elena. Now we just need to know what baby Elena was “dropped” into this world.

Fleur was badass this episode
Fleur was badass this episode…

I expect more craziness in the future episodes. The show lacks a certain depth, but the story is sure entertaining.

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