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We are coming closer and closer to the fall season and there are three shows I really want to watch: Jormungand Perfect Order (a “sequel” to the winter season show), ShinSekai Yori (From a new World in English, it’s a novel adaptation that explores four teenaged girls, exiled from their home when they discover some truth about the world past) and Psycho-Pass (cyberpunk cop show with the usually shady conspiracies from the little I gathered. The title comes from a psychological test that defines an individual’s level of criminality). As you can see I can’t wait for the fall season. I guess I’m ready to watch something else. Beside this, Eureka Seven comes closer and closer to a rushed ending. Accel World will probably end with a big fight with all of Nega Nebulous against two guys (so unfair) and Sword Art Online will continue because, well, we haven’t advanced the plot much beside Asuna/Kirito.

Accel World ep 23

Sudden death card: the fight doesn’t stop until somebody is dead. Nice.

Of course, you can’t expect Nomi to play fair. He brought a friend who hasn’t “signed” the card. He got a strange ability to freeze an opponent’s avatar and voice with black “bricks.” Although, I think those things are part of one of his arms that he seem to be missing. His name is Black Vise and he is the vice-president of the Research Society. Sounds dodgy.

Black Vise
Black Vise

Taku IS is to turn his “gun” into a sword. Sweet! He’s pretty good at Kendo, but he has too many mental weakness.

Nomi’s story is just so sad (his own brother used him in all imaginable ways possible and he killed his avatar). He is also totally crazy. He tortured Chiyu too, bastard.

Haru experiences zero fill and does something weird with his armor plating (removes all of them or something).

And once Dusk Taker is ready to kill Taku…Black Lotus shows up on a really nice flying Pegasus.

Sword Art Online ep 11


Asuna can be a bit bossy… and girly.
Kirito can be a bit mean with horror stories.

It’s a bit strange how close these two are without knowing each other’s age.

This episode, we meet Yui-chan, the newly adopted kid of Kirito and Asuna. They find her while walking in the woods and take her home after she faints. She kept calling Kirito, Kito, and Asuna, Auna. So Kirito tells her to use what is easier for her. She switches to Papa and Mama. Hehehe. They still wish to find her parents/guardian and set for the Town of Beginners.

Not much happened in this episode except for “family life” stuff and the Army being a bunch of assholes. Oh and Yui having strange powers?

Eureka Seven AO ep 20

Strange episode.  Not sure if I liked it, it just pitted everybody against AO and the Triton. Oh and Elena is becoming more and more of a weirdo, too.

1st, the Goldilocks IFOs exist in this world, too. Elena “borrows” one to “join” the Allied Forces.

2nd, Team Harlequin, that I though were all dead in the previous episode, show up… and join the Allied Forces? Not cool.

3rd, we now know how adults fly IFOs just like kids. Only the ones who can see Trapars can do that. This means they are all “infected” by Coralians and, I guess, the bad guys.

4th, IFO-0…merged with Truth. Sort of overboard. Although, cool design.

5th, we now know the “contracts” Blanc did with the Secrets. The Japanese Forces are now the Triton’s friends.

The manly team of the Triton
The manly team of the Triton

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