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31 Days of Halloween with Slay — Day 1, What to Look for on TV

Today, my friends, is the first day of my favorite month of the year. If you’ve been a regular reader of the site, my love for horror movies and spooky gobbilty-goo is probably familiar to you. If you’re not: Hello, my name is Slay, and I love horror movies and spooky gobbility-goo. In honor of the most wonderful time of the year, we’ll be running a daily slot devoted to all things that go bump in the night (and sometimes bump in the day, too). This is as close as I’ll get to my childhood dream of hosting late night B-horror movies on access cable.

So I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, ‘Slay, what should I be looking forward to watching on tv this month?” The answer is – plenty.

Walking Dead, Season 3

Walking Dead Season 3 Poster

Personally, the most exciting premier of the fall season is the return of The Walking Dead on AMC. I certainly had my share of complaints over the slow and drawn out season two, but the last couple of episodes hooked me back in. This year will see the introduction of fan-favorite and major BAMF, Michonne, the prison storyline, and the return of (non-hallucinatory) Merle. Merle! The trailer also shows Lori, Carol, and Maggie in active roles defending the group so there’s a possibility that the show has addressed it’s confusing gender issues.

Walking Dead season 3 premiers October 14th. You can find my recaps of the first two seasons here.


American Horror Story, Season 2

American Horror Story Season 2 Promo Poster

Speaking of returns, American Horror Story comes roaring and screaming back to TV this month as well. I can not over-emphasize how excited I am about this. The first season was uneven, as many first-year shows can be, but it more than made up for it by telling a truly disturbing and innovative haunted house story that was punctuated by well-crafted visuals and genuinely creepy monster in the Rubber Man. And that’s not even mentioning Jessica Lange who won a Golden Globe for her ferocious, scenery-chewing Constance.

Each season tells a new story in a new location reusing some of the same actors in different roles. This year is set in an asylum and was written around Lange’s new role as Sister Jude, the sister in charge of the inmates. Evan Peters (Tate) and Zachary Quinto (Chad) will also be returning.

Catch the AHS season 2 premier on FX, Wednesday October 17th.



666 Park Avenue

Poster for 666 Park Avenue666 Park Avenue appears to be a little Rosemary’s Baby, a little The Devil’s Advocate, and a whole lot of camp. Young rubes from the country move to the big city and into a fancy apartment in an even fancier building – and shouldn’t they have seen this movie before? When things are too good to be true, they usually are, and the residents of the building seem to be in hock to the Devil. Who may or may not be Terry O’Quinn. Or Vanessa Williams.

The season premier was last night, September 30th on ABC and will be running every Sunday evening in the 10 o’clock spot. If you missed the first episode, you can stream it on ABC’s website.


And the rest!


Both Grimm (Mondays on ABC, 10 p.m.) and Once Upon a Time (premiered September 30th, runs Sundays at 8 p.m.) are back on air for second seasons this year and I think no one is more surprised by that than I am. Who would have thought network television could support two shows based on fairy tales? Shockingly, that slate is going to become even more crowded with the introduction of the CW’s Beauty and the Beast, which premiers October 11th at 9 p.m. ABC also has their own version of Beauty and the Beast in the works, though the premier for their version has yet to be announced.

By [E] Slay Belle

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13 replies on “31 Days of Halloween with Slay — Day 1, What to Look for on TV”

Slay…. SUPERNATURAL!! alkdjfoiah;kl. haha, you know I’m an obsessed fan. But I also love TWD and the one ep of American Horror Story that I saw was amazing. I need to go back and watch season one before I start this next season. I’m also enjoying Grimm.

I’m so very excited for the return of TWD. It’s one of the few shows that I really watch when it airs. I haven’t read the books, even though the mister has them up to the most current edition. Maybe I should get on that. Like Mr. Glittercannon, I also fear that I would spend the length of the show cursing at the TV and plotting the demise of everything the showrunners love. I’m sure it’s a similar feeling to when a film adaptation of a book is terrible, but a TV show is long and drawn-out, so maybe more painful.

I’m a huge scaredy cat, so I will skip on most of those. Except I will try 666 Avenue because Rosemary’s Baby and Vanessa Williams and already watched the Once Upon A Time premier yesterday and it’s good to have them back again. Mulan is a HBIC*, clearly.


* = head bitch in charge

Cannot wait for the Walking Dead!! I’m glad AHS is coming back I liked the first season wonder what creepy shit it’ll show this time. I completely agree the secondary characters where WAY better than the main family. I like Grimm, though I did forget to watch the last episode I think its decent.

I can.not. wait. for American Horror Story. I was obsessed with the first season, despite the flaws and continuity ridiculousness (welcome to a Ryan Murphy production. see exhibit B: Glee). Tate was a brilliantly done character, much more than fans gave the writers credit for. I did find the Harmons a bit boring in comparison to the secondary characters, but I still adore the show.

Another kinda creepy show starting this month: Season 8 of Supernatural!

Oh, I meant to mention Supernatural too.

I actually thought AHS was far more coherent than the second season of Glee, which was just so ridiculous it can not even be explained. I’m hoping with the seasonal reboot Murphy won’t fall prey to his usual indulgences.

HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! I have fond albeit hazy memories of the version that aired 87-90. (Actually my memories are from the show’s finale I think? Hey, I had just turned three so that’s pretty good! I was born in 87. . .) I did a rewatch thanks to Netflix so that I could watch those episodes that were before my ability to process what I was watching. Still love it.

I love Grimm in all its cheesiness. I can’t help it. Also, the lead, David Giuntoli, is cute and his sidekick who happens to be a “big Bad Wolf”, Silas Weir Mitchell, is adorable.

666 also reminds me a little bit of the Witches of Eastwick (the movie, not the show) somehow.

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